Photos: Berkeley deals with unhealthy haze caused by North Bay fires

Many locals are trying to stay indoors, or wearing masks if they venture out, due to the dense haze that has descended over the city.

People cover their mouths as they walk through Berkeley which is feeling the effect of the smoke from North Bay fires. Photo: Pete Rosos

The horrific North Bay fires which ignited Sunday night have touched Berkeley as a pall of dense, particulate-laden smoke has settled over the city. The air is hazy, prompting concern for those with respiratory issues. The air quality locally has been deemed “unhealthy,” and a red flag warning, signaling high fire danger, is in effect — currently through Thursday at 5 p.m.

Many are complaining that the air is causing watery eyes and coughing. Some people are wearing masks when they venture out, though there are reports that many local stores have run down their stocks; many others are trying to stay inside. Sunset on Wednesday night was dramatic with the sun showing as a vibrant red hue against the smoky sky.

Stay informed about the wildfires and helping those affected (we are updating this story regularly).

Smoke from North Bay fires is seen and felt in Berkeley. Photo, taken on Wednesday, Oct. 11. Photo: Pete Rosos
Sunset on Oct. 11. Photo taken from the East Bay looking toward the Marin Headlands, by Chris Polydoroff
Berkeley residents have been wearing masks due to poor air quality, Oct. 11, 2017. Photo: Pete Rosos
Haze from North Bay fires over Berkeley’s marina. Photo: Pete Rosos
Telegraph Avenue enveloped by haze from North Bay fires. Photo: Ted Friedman
The UC Berkeley Campanile seen through the haze from North Bay fires. Photo: Ted Friedman
Sunset on Wednesday, Oct. 11. Photo: Ted Friedman
One the Cal campus — wearing a mask due to effect of North Bay wildfires. Photo: Ted Friedman
The sun a few minutes before it disappeared into the smoke/cloud layer. Photo: Sally Mason
A hazy sunset due to smoke from North Bay fires. Photo: Fred Werner
Hazy sunset due to North Bay fires. Photo: @ihellaloveberkeley on Instagram
Hazy sky over the East Bay. Photo: Christine H. Lee
A red sun at the end of the Wednesday. Photo: Sharon Adams on Twitter
Hazy sunset on Oct. 11. Photo: Annie Burke on Twitter
Hazy sunset on Oct. 11. Photo: @bitonio on Twitter
A gray pall over the Berkeley Hills. Photo: Guy Struve
Hazy sun seen from UC Berkeley campus. Photo: Robert Borghese
A red sun over downtown Berkeley. Photo: Kaitlin Benz on Twitter
The red sun caused by North Bay fires. Photo: Joe Hellerstein on Twitter
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