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Before Proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana use in California, you were probably thinking, “where can I get a medical marijuana card near me?” Now that it is, you might think this is the end for medical marijuana. Think again.

While the initiative is laced with restrictions, a closer look reveals several major benefits of getting a medical marijuana card in 2018. In fact, now’s the best time to get one. Here’s why.

No waiting

Although adults can already legally buy marijuana, they won’t have anywhere to purchase it until January, though that seems unlikely. From setting up a licensing system to establishing regulations, state officials have their work cut out for them. A medical cannabis card before 2018 will ensure you get marijuana today.

Lower age requirement

While you have to be at least 18 to get a MMJ prescription, the minimum age for using cannabis recreationally is 21. If you’re between these ages, a medicinal marijuana card is your only option.

Greater dispensary access

Despite legalization, the number of recreational shops will depend on individual jurisdictions. Cities and counties will have the right to limit and even say no to dispensaries within their borders, and many are already exercising this right. A medical card is the best way to get access to over 1,000 California dispensaries.

No medical taxes

California has its sight set on raking in some revenue through recreational marijuana. Producers, sellers and consumers will all be taxed. We’re talking as high as 45%. In addition to a 15% state excise levy and cultivation taxes, cities will also charge a sales tax. As a medical card holder, you’ll pay no sales tax.

No possession or cultivation limits

Per Prop. 64, adults are only allowed to use or carry up to an ounce of cannabis. Growing for personal use is also limited to six plants. There are no caps for medical card holders: you’re allowed to use and grow as much as needed within 100 square feet. Even opt for a grower’s license in Californiaif you need more.

2018 medical marijuana card: The clear winner

Where Prop. 64 falls short, medical marijuana cards easily take the win. If you want fast, uncomplicated, and affordable cannabis access, a medical weed card in 2018 is your option. Don’t bother with the “medical cannabis evaluations near me search. NuggMD makes the process of getting a MMJ card easier than ever. Video chat with a licensed 420 doctor and get your rec for only $39, or that plus a wallet size card for $59, in as fast as 10 minutes.

Once approved, take advantage of Nugg’s medical marijuana delivery service and order cannabis online, then have it sent home in no time! Compare costs and review products, like the best vaporizer cartridge, beforehand.

Get yours today!

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