Here are all the Berkeleyside readers who have become investors — so far

As of March 26, 310 Berkeleyside readers have become Berkeleyside investors and we thank every single one of them. There is still time to join them.

Today Berkeleyside is publishing the full list of readers who have become investors in their local news site since we launched our direct public offering — the first news organization in the country to do so.

We thank and salute each and every one of you!

The good news is you too can join this illustrious group of pioneers who are demonstrating both that they understand the importance of independent, high-quality journalism, and are helping to prove that there is a new model to potentially help sustain local reporting nationwide.

We have just 18 days to go to reach our end-goal of $1 million. The direct public offering closes on April 12. 

Momentum is building as we near the finish line. Since we began the final countdown one week ago today, several new investors have come on board, bringing the total from $893,000 to $964,000 from a total of 310 investors.

The list: Berkeleyside investors, as of March 26, 2018

Larry Abel
Denise Abrams
Denny Abrams
Scott Adams
Ron Adler
Pat Adler
Joey Alessi
Marilee Jane Allan
Gertrude Allen
Donald Arbitblit
Pat Ashbaugh
Peter Ashbaugh
Berit Ashla
David Auslander
Daryl Austern
Abhijit Bagri
Doris Balabanian
Matthew Barmack
Gibor Basri
Carl Bass
Skip Battle
Deborah Begley
Donald Bellenger
Jennifer Bellenger
Judith Beltzer
Joel Ben Izzy
Jennifer Bennett
Steven Berger
Jerry Berkman
Dorothy Berndt
Deborah Black
Susan Blew
Daniel Bloom
Judith Bloom
Richard Bordow
Liz Bordow
Christina Boyer
Linda Bradford
John Brennan
Paula Brinkley
Jessica Broitman
Dan Brotsky
Shawna Brotsky
Andrew Brown
Judith Brown
Shannon Brown
Mark Burget
Mary Beth Burnside
Jerry Cain
Franchesca Callejo
Suzanne Holliday Calpestri
Cristina Campbell
Kate Campbell
John Caner
Laurie Capitelli
Marilyn Capitelli
Michael Caplan
Ian Carswell
Rana Cho
Tim Choate
Rishi Chopra
Susan Choy
Ronald Choy
Max Christoff
Marna Clark
David Clore
Raines Cohen
David Cohn
Jim Corr
Mori Costantino
Paul Cox
Karen Coyle
Nikolaus Crain
Christine Crane
Jeffrey Crosby
Narsai David
Venus David
Philip Davis
Ilana DeBare
Brian DeFreitas
Tim DeWolf
Jeanne Dinkelspiel
Pamela Dinkelspiel
Steven Dinkelspiel
Quinn Dombrowski
Nicholas Dominguez
Annette Doornbos
Sheryl Drinkwater
Jeffrey Edleson
Ted Edlin
Marilee Enge
Louise Epstein
Jacob Epstein
Miranda Ewell
Rosemary Falanga
William Falik
Chuck Fanning
Deborah Farb
Chuck Farnsworth
Elizabeth Farnsworth
Rick Feldman
Ann Fischer Hecht
John Ford
Jennifer Fosket
Elizabeth Foster
John Fox
Andy Fremder
Thomas Friedland
Sandy Friedland
Mary Friedman
Stan Friedman
George Frost
Greg Fuson
Joyce Fuson
John Gage
Judith Glass
Alex Glass
Timothy Glen Alley
Norman Gold
Jean Gold
Cathy Goldsmith
Steven Goldsmith
John Gordon
Kevin Gordon
Jane Gottesman
Alan Gould
Gretchen Grant
Dick Grant
Dorothy Gregor
Pamela Grossman
Elmer Grossman
Audrey Grubman
Amanda Gutierrez
Nicholaus Gutierrez
Melinda Haag
Margot Hackett
Sharon Hahn Darlin
Joan N. Hamilton
Quentin Hardy
Vanessa Hardy
Susan Hartinger
Shawn Hecht
Frances Hellman
Susan Helmrich
Barbara Hendrickson
Sharon Hern
Robert Hetherington
Sheila Himmel
Adam Hochschild
Arlie Hochschild
Tom Hoeber
Lisa Lum Hohmeyer
Michael Hohmeyer
Barbara Holzrichter
John Holzrichter
Susan Hone
Matthew Houser
Erika Houtz
Walter Hubbard
Paula Hughmanick
Sheila Humphreys
Connie Hwang
Shirley Issel
Meri Issel
Scott James
Naomi Janowitz
Lynn Jehle
Elisabeth Jewel
Nathanael Johnson
Joyce Johnson
Carolyn Jones
Charles Kahn
Laurie Kahn
Jennifer Kassan
Lisa Katovitch
Alan Kay
Kiran Kedlaya
Jesse Kellerman
Brian King
Alan Kittner
Elissa Kittner
Jason Koenig
Felix Kramer
Jackie Krentzman
Lucy Kuntz
Mary Kusmiss
Carol Lashof
John Lawrence
Nancy Lawrence
Melanie Lawrence
Andrew Lazarus
Jan Lecklikner
Eleanore Lee
Justin Lee
Charlotte Lee
Rochelle Lefkowitz
Carole Leita
Thomas Leonard
Carol Leonard
Clifford Leventhal
Richard Levine
Nora Levine
Noemi Levine
Deborah Lewis
Dan Lieberman
John Lineweaver
Peter Loer
Geoffrey Lomax
Martin Lorber
JoAnn Lorber
Sangwei Lu
Robert Luan
Judith Lubman
Stanley Lubman
Bobby Lutzker
Lisa Lutzker
Jason March
Helen Marcus
David Margulius
John Martinez
Kimberly Martinez
Piero Martinucci
Susan Matthews
Susan Mattmann
David Mayeri
Yoni Mayeri
Michael McCutcheon
Judith McEnroe
John McGuinn
Karen McGuinn
Michael McGuire
Teresa McGuire
Stephanie McKown
Carolyn McMillan
Jack McPhail
Susie Medak
Angelito Dante Mejia
Stephen Mendel
Emily Mendel
Meyer Sound
Mary Michaels
Robin Miller
Tom Miller
Richard Misrach
Janis Mitchell
Dennis Montali
Mary Montali
Don Moore
Matthew Morse
Mykael Moss
John Moss
Patricia Motzkin
James Moule
Katherine Moule
Katharine Mountain
Julie Nachtwey
Richard Nagler
Colleen Neff
Jane Newman
William Newton
Doug Ng
Evelyn Nussenbaum
Bruce Nye
Risa Nye
Mike Olson
Teresa Olson
Amy Orton
Eddie Orton
Edward Oswalt
Anne Pardee
Stephanie Pardee
Denny Parker
Merrily Parker
Denise Pinkston
Robert Piper
Diane K. Plank
Michael Pollan
Theodore Posselt
Richard Price
Johanna Pritt
Jackson Pritt
Dennis Puglisi
David Rabuka
Alan Ramo
Mike Ranney
Sarah Ranney
Patricia Reedy
George Rehm
Sue Reinhold
Rachel Resnikoff
Peter Richmond
Nancy Riddle
Shari Rifas
Denis Ring
Sheila Ring
Marilyn Rinzler
Jorge Rodriguez-Choi
Gregory Rosen
Nina Rosen
Margot Rosenberg
Ellen Rosenau
Daniel Rossi
Tracie E. Rowson
Susan Rose Rubio
Taly Rutenberg
Alan Saldich
Nancy Saldich
Beth Sawi
Linda Joan Schacht
Reed Schmidt
Sam Schuchat
Margo Schueler
James Sederberg
Jane Sedonaen
Carol Serkes
Ira Serkes
Robert Shafer
Patricia Shanks
Shalini Sharp
Katrine Shelton
Peter Shelton
Lisa Sibony
Henry Siegel
Ellen Simms
Jeffrey Sinsheimer
Eric Sippel
Ann Skartvedt
Bernard Sklar
Robin Sloan
Robin Smith
Marjorie Sperber
Robert Stark
Frances Smith Starn
Richard Stern
John David Strachan
Eric Strauss
Ruth Stroup
Kyra Subbotin
Brendan Sullivan-Sarinana
Pat Sussman
Peter Sussman
John Tangney
Marcia Tanner
Ian Lance Taylor
Alison Teeman
Chris Thomas
Sheryll Thomson
Susanne Tilney-Peyton
Alan Tobey
Diane Tokugawa
David Trachtenberg
Janet Traub
Emily Tucker
Micki Turner
William Turner
Alfred Twu
Sayre Van Young
Marina Villers Barnett
Fred Vogelstein
Ayelet Waldman
Dorothy Walker
Wareham Development
Mal Warwick
Malka Weitman
Dana Welch
Vita Wells
Leilee Weyerhaeuser
Anne Whyte
Nicholaus Whyte
Wendy Williams
Jessica Willow Blish
Jane Wise
Charles Wollenberg
Julie Wright
Robert Yagura
Michael Yovino-Young
Mitchell Zeemont

Some notes on the list

If you are an investor and your name is misspelt on this list, or you want to add a partner or spouse, or you are not on this list and believe you should be, please email, or call 510-671-0380, and we will look into it straight away. It’s possible we have made an error, for which we apologize in advance — and we will fix it. It is also possible you have not yet completed the paperwork for your investment, in which case we can help you do that and you will be included on our final list of investors, to be published after we close the direct public offering on April 12.

Why invest in Berkeleyside?

  • To make an impact investment in your community.
  • To support award-winning, independent reporting that holds the powerful to account and keeps you well informed.
  • Investors receive 3% annual dividends (accruing from year to year, if not paid in cash) and wonderful benefits. (Some perks will be provided once we close the DPO.)
  • To receive insider investor newsletters bringing you behind-the-scenes insights into Berkeleyside.
  • To be sure your name is on the guest list of the first (and then annual) Berkeleyside investor party! We are planning it right now and it’s going to be a very special event. Be sure you’re on that guest list and will soon be celebrating in style with all your fellow, pioneering supporters of local journalism.

This is not an offer to sell any securities. Offers to sell are made only pursuant to authorized offering materials. The offering is limited to California residents that meet certain suitability requirements. You must verify that you are a California resident in order to receive the authorized offering materials, and you must verify that you meet the suitability requirements in order to subscribe for the securities.