“What are you eating, Berkeley?” features short interviews dishing on food with random Berkeley residents. For this edition we spoke with Trevor Smith, Katherine Wei and Katie Cruz. 

Katherine Wei. Photo: Jessie Chen

“I like to eat at lots of places. I went to the Journalism school here and right across the street on Euclid and Hearst there’s a place called the Snack Shack. They have a great Cubano Sandwich. It’s roasted pork belly, honey glazed ham, pickles and a bit of mustard and cheese. You could add fries for a set. They have great waffle fries and the portions are huge.

Now that I think about it Berkeley is pretty big. Do you know Italian Homemade Company? Their pesto is amazing. My girlfriend likes the meatballs, but I always get the pesto. I get it on the pappardelle — it’s the widest kind of pasta.”

— Katherine Wei

Trevor Smith. Photo: Hailey Johnson

“I find a lot of food in Berkeley to be geared towards college students, with mediocre quality for high prices unless you go farther out.

I do like a lot of places down here at the end, like Cheese Board and a place called Bangkok. At Cheese Board, anything from the bakery is really good. I mean, anything. I think there’s something called the Cheese Roll. At Bangkok, the barbecue beef is really good. It’s magical actually. It is. The beef is regular, but the sauce they put on the meat — wow. I have no idea what’s in the sauce. They won’t tell me. I’ve tried.”

— Trevor Smith

Comal Next Door is my spot when I go to work and have a break. It’s like quick Mexican food, but really good. It’s the casual version of Comal and their bowls are so good, also their tacos. I always have the Chorizo Egg Bowl and it’s $12, but it’s so dang filling.”

— Katie Cruz

Hailey Johnson is a senior at UC Berkeley studying English. She studied film at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts before transferring to Cal. She now works as a blogger for The Daily Californian...