YouTube video

In this episode of Nosh’s video series, Meet Your Maker, we spoke with Minh Tsai, the founder of Hodo, a company that makes tofu, yuba and soy milk in West Oakland. Tsai started Hodo in 2004 when he couldn’t find high-quality tofu akin to the type he’d eaten growing up in Vietnam. Working with masters, he learned the art of making tofu.

Today, Hodo supplies its organic soy products to restaurants — like Burma Superstar, Chipotle, Sweetgreen and Veggie Grill — and grocery stores, big and small. Originally, the company was called Hodo Soy, but it’s shortened its name because, as Tsai explains in the video, the company is looking to expand its reach to other plant protein-based foods.

Watch the episode to find out more about Hodo’s tofu and yuba.