World Cup 2018 starts June 14. Photo by Fauzan Saari on Unsplash

Perhaps you’ve just recovered from obsessively following the Warriors. If you’re suffering major sports withdrawal, fear not, the World Cup is here.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup takes place in Russia and kicks off June 14 at 8 a.m. with perhaps the most unattractive match of the tournament, Russia against Saudi Arabia (the two lowest ranked teams in the tournament). This year’s tournament pits 32 national teams competing in a total of 64 games. Although the U.S. will not be participating in the month-long competition (they lost to Trinidad & Tobago in the final qualifying match) and although several of the games will be airing at ungodly hours on this side of the world (set your alarm for the 3 a.m. kickoff of France versus Australia on Saturday!), many Stateside soccer fans with World Cup fever are making plans to watch at least some, if not all, of the matches.

Berkeleyside’s in-house, self-appointed expert (ahem, Lance) says the cool kids will be rooting for Belgium (De Bruyne in midfield!), Peru (best uniform) and Iceland (who unquestionably have the best cheer). Hú! Did you know that one-fifth of Iceland’s population traveled to watch their national team play in the Euro 2016 tournament in France? Or you could play it safe by following Germany, France and Brazil. Don’t get taken in by England’s cautious optimism about this tournament. It happens every time.

So where are you watching the World Cup? For those looking to join other football fanatics at a local bar or restaurant, we’ve rounded up a list of bars and restaurants in Berkeley (and a handful of noteworthy spots in the greater East Bay, for good measure) that plan to televise the games. Most of these spots will be open during normal hours, but a few plan to open as early as 3 a.m. for you diehard footie fans.


Acme Bar & Company, 2115 San Pablo Ave. (between Addison and Cowper), Berkeley (Games during normal hours)
The Albatross Pub, 1822 San Pablo Ave. (between Hearst and Delaware), Berkeley (Games during regular hours)
Augie’s Montreal Smoke Meat, 875 Potter St. (between Fifth and Seventh), Berkeley (Games from 11 a.m. Will have drink specials!)
Berkeley Social Club, 2050 University Ave. (near Shattuck), Berkeley (Customers can ask the restaurant to air games during regular hours.)
Bobby G’s Pizzeria, 2072 University Ave. (near Shattuck), Berkeley (See Bobby G’s World Cup schedule online. Will offer coffee and pastries in the morning; full menu after 11 a.m.)
Brazil Café at the Westbrae Biergarten, 1280 Gilman St. (at Curtis), Berkeley (Games from 11 a.m.)
Brennan’s Restaurant and Sports Bar, 700 University Ave. (near Fourth), Berkeley (See Brennan’s World Cup schedule online)
Caffe on San Pablo, 2500 San Pablo Ave. (at Dwight), Berkeley  (Games during regular hours)
Cornerstone, 2367 Shattuck Ave. (between Durant and Channing), Berkeley (Games from 11 a.m.; 8 a.m. during knock-out phase)
The Daily Pint, 1828 Euclid Ave. (at Ridge), Berkeley (Games from 11 a.m., Monday through Friday)
Doc’s Refresher, 984 University Ave. (between Eight and Ninth), Berkeley (Games from 7 a.m., starting June 30 onwards)
Draw Billiard Club, 64 Shattuck Sq. (between Addison and University) (Games during regular hours)
44 Restaurant, 3290 Adeline St. (at Alcatraz), Berkeley (Games during regular hours)
Gio’s Pizza and Bocce, 2420 Shattuck Ave. (between Channing and Haste), Berkeley (Games from 8 a.m., will have food and drinks)
Henry’s, 2600 Durant Ave. (between Bowditch and College), Berkeley (Games during regular hours)
Nico’s 1508, 1508 Walnut St. (at Vine), Berkeley (Games during regular hours)
Pappy’s Grill and Sports Bar, 2367 Telegraph Ave. (near Durant), Berkeley (All games)
El Patio, 2056 San Pablo Ave. (near University), Berkeley (All Mexico games)
Pedro’s Brazil Café, 1960 University Ave. (between Milvia and MLK), Berkeley (Games during regular hours)
Eureka! 2068 Center St. (between Shattuck and Milvia), Berkeley (Games during regular hours; no sound)
La Calle 10, 1300 10th St. (at Gilman), Berkeley (Games from 11 a.m.)
La Val’s Pizza, 1834 Euclid Ave. (between Ridge and Hearst), Berkeley (Games from 8 a.m.)
Raleigh’s Pub, 2438 Telegraph Ave. (near Haste), Berkeley (The bar was still deciding which games they’d play at the time of publication; call to check which games)
Saul’s Restaurant and Delicatessen, 1475 Shattuck Ave. (between Rose and Vine), Berkeley (May show a couple of games)
Sliver Pizzeria, 2468 Telegraph Ave. (Between Haste and Dwight), Berkeley (Games from 11 a.m.)
The Snack Shack, 2505 Hearst Ave. (near Euclid), Berkeley (Will air games when open. If the game is not on, ask for it)
The Starry Plough Pub, 3101 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley (Most games except 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. games. There will be no projector this year, but Starry Plough will televise games on a big screen)
Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse, 1920 Shattuck Ave. (between Hearst and Berkeley), Berkeley (Games from 11 a.m.)


Athletic Club Oakland, 59 Grand Ave. (at West Grand), Oakland (Playing every single game, drinks start at 6 a.m., food service at 7 a.m.)
Commonwealth,2882 Telegraph Ave., (at 29th), Oakland (Most, but not all games. See Commonwealth’s World Cup schedule online)
Fort Green Bar, 736 Washington St. (at Eighth), Oakland (Will show all mid-day matches beginning Friday, June 15)
The Golden Squirrel, 5940 College Ave. (near Harwood), Oakland (Games from 11 a.m.; will possibly play earlier games during knock-out phase)
The New Parkway Theater, 474 24th St. (between Telegraph and Broadway), Oakland (All games)
Paradise Park Café, 6334 San Pablo Ave. (at Alcatraz), Oakland (Games after 7 a.m., breakfast specials in the morning; Modelo and pizza special for afternoon games)
Paulista Brazilian Kitchen & Taproom, 4239 Park Blvd. (at Wellington), Oakland (All games except 3 a.m., June 16, France v. Australia)
Reem’s California, 3301 E. 12th St., Oakland (Games from 8 a.m. during days Reem’s is open. Coffee, tea and pastries will be available for 8 a.m. games; mana’eesh, saj wraps, dips, salad, fries, beer, wine, more for 11 a.m. games)


The Englander Pub, 101 Parrott St. (near E 14th), San Leandro (See Englander’s World Cup schedule online)
Hometown Heroes, 4000 Adeline St. (near 40th), Emeryville (Games during regular hours)
Speisekammer, 2424 Lincoln Ave. (near Park), Alameda (See Speisekammer’s World Cup schedule online)
Stadium Pub, 1420 Lincoln Ave. (near N Main), Walnut Creek (Will open at 7:45 a.m.; may open earlier for groups of 12+ if arranged with the pub except 3 a.m. game)

If we missed your favorite spot, let us know in the comments below.

Get the World Cup schedule and more information on the FIFA World Cup website.

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