Dancers, drummers and crowds on Adeline during the Juneteenth Festival on Sunday. Photo: Nancy Rubin

Northern California’s longest-running Juneteenth Festival was held in brilliant sunshine on the Adeline-Ashby corridor on Sunday. For over 30 years, Berkeley’s Juneteenth celebration has provided enthusiastic crowds with an African American cultural experience with history, art, food, music, dance and spoken word. Juneteenth originated with the June 19, 1865 announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas, but its celebration has grown over the years to be a broader commemoration of African American freedom.

Some of the performers at the Juneteenth festival on Sunday. Photo: Nancy Rubin
In addition to the music, dancing and food, numerous stands at the Juneteenth festival promote discussion and debate. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Music on the RD Bonds main stage at the Juneteenth festival. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Balloons and attractions for children at the Juneteenth festival. Photo: Nancy Rubin

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