Angel Jesus Perez at work. Photo: John Storey

Berkeley has enjoyed 45 years of murals since Stefen painted the Dutch Boy mural on the southeast corner of Milvia and University. Osha Newman, Eduardo Pineda, Juana Alicia, and many others have followed, giving us their murals to enjoy. Art is not eternal, and murals are lost to paint or the wrecking ball, but the parade of new muralists marches on.

Angel Jesus Perez, shown above working on the “Displacement of Beauty and Migration of Gentrification” mural along Alcatraz, just west of Adeline, is a bright addition to our cadre of muralists. He is the senior artist and print tech for Youth Spirits Artworks. 

Perez led the Youth Spirits Artwork neighborhood volunteer groups that painted these two murals near the YSA office.

“Displacement of Beauty and Migration of Gentrification” on Alcatraz just west of Adeline. Photo: John Storey
“Mother Nature,” southwest corner of Alcatraz and Adeline. Photo: John Storey

Perez’s dedication to community and youth and at-risk youth and poor youth and homeless youth inspires. He is a cultural warrior, an artist, a teacher, a community organizer. He is a inspiration — truly.

Freelancer Tom Dalzell has lived in Berkeley since 1984. After working for Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers for 10 years as a legal worker and then lawyer, he went to work for another labor union...