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Update, Dec. 10: We’ve closed the poll and are working on crunching the nearly 1,200 results that came in. Stay tuned! (We removed the poll from the post below as answers are no longer accepted.)

Original story, Dec. 7: Berkeley’s streets are “at risk” with “deteriorated pavement requiring immediate attention, including rehabilitative work” — so says the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The agency uses the pavement condition index, or PCI, to rate street conditions from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best. The average PCI in the Bay Area is 67.

Berkeley has an average PCI of 57, as Berkeleyside reported in an investigation published Thursday. The story also explained why Berkeley won’t pave any streets in 2018.

You likely experience those poorly paved streets regularly. So which is the worst? Take our (totally non-scientific) reader poll below and we will report back with the results for the No. 1 worst street in the city. (We ask anyone who has voted once to refrain from weighing in again.)

After the story was published Thursday, many readers expressed interest in the city’s map showing its paving plans over the next five years. Here it is again.

Map of streets to be repaved between 2019 and 2023 (see it bigger):

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