Women in East Bay Food | In Her Own Words” is a series by Berkeley-based illustrator Kaitlin Strange created for Berkeleyside Nosh. Over the course of several months, Strange interviewed women who work in the East Bay food industry, speaking with them in their places of work, where she was able to get a real insight into their worlds. She felt the best way to share the honesty and passion from their stories was for readers to hear directly from the women themselves, in their own words. If you’re having trouble viewing the story, download the illustrated interview as a PDF. — Sarah Han, Nosh Editor

Illustrations of a cheese grater, wedge of cheese, wedge of lime, macaroni pasta and a tomato with a tomato wedge
Illustration of a hanging lamp and shelves full of wine bottles.
Illustration of the Homeroom restaurant logo, macaroni and cheese and a sandwich board that says "Come in + say hi!"
Illustration of a Homeroom restaurant server holding a plate of mac and cheese.
Illustration of hands holding out a plate of Homeroom mac and cheese and a fork on a napkin next to plate of cauliflower
Illustrations of Smokey Bacon mac and cheese, Mexican chorizo mac and cheese, Jalapeño popper mac and cheese and classic mac and cheese.
Illustrations of Erin Wade and a plate of spicy crab mac and cheese.
Illustrations of breakfast mac and cheese and diners eating at Homeroom restaurant in Oakland
Illustration of Erin Wade