A California buckeye at the corner of Hearst and Euclid. What’s your favorite tree in Berkeley? Photo: Cirrus Wood

To celebrate Earth Day, on April 22, Berkeleyside is looking for submissions from our readers about their favorite Berkeley trees.

Is it a flowering plum? A majestic monkey puzzle? A street tree that’s beaten the odds and sprouted from a crack in the pavement? And where does it grow? In a park? In a yard? Or the window box of a fourth-floor apartment?

We’re looking at this very broadly, and hope to find great stories and photos of the tall and the small, the strong and the weak, wherever they grow.

Maybe you have a personal favorite because of an event in your own life, or maybe it’s one that just never fails to catch your eye, like the California buckeye at the corner of Hearst and Euclid pictured above. It might even be a tree that is no longer — because it was felled or toppled over — that you still remember fondly.

Have one tree — or several – in mind? Take your best photo and email it, along with a short write-up (no more than 100 words), to tips@berkeleyside.com with the subject line ‘Tree’. Please include your name and the location of the tree. You can also drop your photo and description in the comments section on this story, or DM or tag us on Facebook and Twitter, or share your photo with us on Instagram (just be sure to tag Berkeleyside).

We welcome submissions from our readers outside of Berkeley, but the tree itself must be within Berkeley city limits.

Wherever and whatever the tree, we want to hear from you. Because, with all the discussion on how to address climate change, this Earth Day we want to celebrate trees because they are actively doing something about it.

Berkeleyside staff

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