Berkeley Patients Group provides high-quality, effective and affordable cannabis to patients in an environment that is comfortable, professional and safe. Photo: BPG

This story is brought to you by Berkeley Patients Group.

Since its inception in 1999, Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) has remained committed to its mission to provide high-quality and affordable cannabis to patients in an environment that is comfortable, professional and safe.

As the nation’s longest-running dispensary, 4/20 is meaningful for a variety of reasons but, most of all, the BPG team wants the plant to be celebrated and make cannabis more affordable and accessible to all.

Berkeley Patients Group’s 20th 4/20

This year marks a milestone for BPG as it’s the dispensary’s 20th 4/20. Berkeley Patients Group will commemorate 4/20 with significant discounts, a fun 4/20 event and, as always, making a community impact with donations from the week’s sales.

Berkeley Patients Group’s foundation is donating $1 from every sale April 17-20 to the Berkeley Free Clinic, which provides free health care services, including peer counseling, primary care, dental, STI, HIV and Hepatitis testing, women, trans* and other gender non-conforming services.

From April 17-20, those who shop at Berkeley Patients Group during holiday sales will enjoy up to 50% off California’s top brands, including Plus gummies, Flow Kana flowers, Korova edibles, KIVA chocolates, Dr. Kerklaan and Mary’s Medicinals topicals, and Marley Natural flowers. The first customers to arrive on 4/20 can also take advantage of nearly 1,000 $1 items, including pre-rolls, vape cartridges and edibles.

Berkeley residents are invited to BPG’s celebratory 4/20 community event and enjoy vendor demos, music, snacks and merchandise giveaways.

Mindful consumption

Mindful consumption is critical to ensure a pleasant experience with cannabis, particularly when it comes to edibles. Berkeley Patients Group offers tips on how to ensure an ideal 4/20 experience:

Before consumption – comfort is key

Pick your setting. Choose somewhere you feel at home, most likely in your own or a loved one’s space.

Pick your companions. It’s best to consume cannabis with people you love and feel comfortable with. By yourself or with your pet is perfectly fine, too.

Pick your supplies ahead of time. You’ll need all the necessities: water, snacks, black pepper, CBD, comfortable clothes, fun or calming activities.

Pick your dose. Take it slow, especially with edibles. If you’re a new user, try a product with 2mg THC (we recommend KIVA Petra Mints, 20% off) or high CBD (try 50% off Plus CBD Mango Gummies or 30% off Korova CBD Vanilla Bean Cookies). The effects of edibles may take up to two hours, so be patient. Remember, you can always consume more, but you can’t consume less.

After consumption – have fun

Hydrate. Hydration is critical. Drink lots of water, especially if you’ll be in the sun. Snack on something that’s delicious and makes you happy.

Regulate. If you get the feeling you may have consumed too much, there are ways to balance your body and return to a comfortable place. CBD combats feelings of anxiety, so keep a vape pen (we love dosist’s Calm Pen) or a CBD tincture (20% off Mary’s Medicinals’ CBD Tincture) with you for fast-acting relief.

Black Pepper activates the same receptors as CBD, so sniffing or chewing black peppercorns is a quick fix. You can also drink chamomile tea with milk or another fatty substance for fast absorption of relaxing effects.

We don’t recommend mixing cannabis with alcohol or caffeine, as it may result in increased anxiety.

Activate. Plan activities that you enjoy – as cannabis can certainly amplify that happiness! Watch a funny cartoon or movie, listen to your favorite playlist, talk to and laugh with friends, play board games, or snuggle with your pet or partner.

Cannabis inspires creativity, so you can color or paint, or simply take a walk around your neighborhood or to the park and enjoy the beautiful day in nature.

4/20 is a day to be celebrated by all!

Berkeley Patients Group will have extended hours on 4/20, from 6am-10pm. A full list of sales and activities can be found at

This story was written and paid for by Berkeley Patients Group, the nation’s longest running dispensary, serving medical cannabis patients and adults over 21. Since 1999, BPG has provided access to effective, affordable, lab-tested cannabis in an environment that is comfortable, professional and safe. Its vision for legal integrity, coupled with its mission to provide compassionate care, has made BPG one of the world’s most reputable dispensaries. Berkeley Patients Group operates in full compliance with California’s laws and is regarded as a leader in self-regulation and the development of industry best practices. #A10-17-0000005