The new video section on Berkeleyside’s front page.

Today, Berkeleyside is launching a standalone section for all our videos, with the goal of showcasing all the great stories our staffers and contributors are producing on video, and to make it easier for our readers to locate them.

Find the video section on our homepage when you’re scrolling through it. There, we highlight three videos that are either current or, we humbly suggest, are worth a few minutes of your time. Click on one to start watching and you’ll be taken to our collection of recent videos.

Some stories are better told on “film” and we are eager to make sure you don’t miss some of the lovely work being done for us by contributors like Melati Citrawijera — check out her Handmade East Bay series, in which experts show us how to craft anything from Lithuanian dumplings to Oaxacan mole; and Chris Polydoroff, who recently profiled Milan Schultz who, without a secure roof over his head, made the heartbreaking decision to give up his beloved dog, Hot Rod, to Berkeley Animal Care Services.

Share your videos with Berkeleyside.

Berkeleyside also has a tradition of hiring videographer interns — see the work of Lorin Eleni Gill and Hao Guo — and will do so again this summer.

We also love for our readers to share videos with us — you are our eyes on the streets, after all, and often see things that lend themselves to a short video shot on your phone.

It might be a fire or police incident happening right in front of you, a building being demolished, a posse of turkeys crossing the road (our readers can’t get enough of those!) or a busted hydrant that’s producing a dramatic three-story geyser.

Share these clips with us and we’ll consider them for publication. (Just be sure to tell us what you’re seeing and where, and let us know how you’d like to be credited.)

Our video section launch coincides with a momentous local event in the raptor world — two peregrine falcons that nested high up in the clock tower of the UC Berkeley Campanile are being monitored by a live webcam which we have embedded on Berkeleyside, with Cal’s permission. Wednesday saw the arrival of two chicks and a third is expected Thursday — BAMPFA is even be live-streaming the webcam on its gigantic Addison Screen today through 6 p.m. If, like some of us on the Berkeleyside team, you have been mesmerized by the raptors, you won’t want to miss the fluffy chicks and their attempts to fledge and leave the nest.

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