Spurs FC goalkeeping practice.
Spurs FC goalkeeping practice. Photo: Spurs FC

This story is brought to you by Spurs FC soccer club.

Our local soccer club is forging ahead with a new identity while retaining our commitment to growing and developing as a club, where our coaches, our players and our community remain the foundation of our strength.

Created during a time that most of our young players view as ancient history — and when Pelé was the most famous player in the world — the original El Cerrito Football Club is about to enter its fifth decade as a youth soccer club. Over the years, what started as a small recreational program eventually grew to become a highly diversified organization, with both recreational and competitive teams. That development sparked a three-year partnership with the Tottenham Hotspur organization (a European Premier League professional team, for those not in the soccer world). And, while the name recognition and prestige had benefits, the need to return to our community-based roots has become increasingly clear. So after the decision to part ways with Tottenham, our 40+ year old club had to ask, who are we and who do we want to be in our community?

The answer was simple. We are Spurs.

As such, the soccer club formerly known as Tottenham Hotspur East Bay (THEB) has become the newly independent Spurs FC.

We forge ahead, we move forward, we develop. That’s what we believe in for our players and that’s what we stand for as a club.

Spurs FC players warming up for soccer
Spurs FC players warming up. Photo: Spurs FC

And while the name has changed, our commitment to our mission remains constant: to support youth soccer players to achieve their full potential by providing a holistic, integrated program that develops players and coaches and educates parents in a positive, membership-driven community. This holds true across our four programs, which offer opportunities for youth ages 3-18 to play at a level that suits them as individuals, from recreational to competitive.

What also has not changed is our incredible crew of coaches. Spurs FC competitive team coaches are all licensed and include some of the most sought-after youth soccer coaches in the Bay Area. They are a tight-knit group and many have been with the club for several years. Many Spurs FC coaches are active players on local teams and several work as coaches at local East Bay high schools. Spurs FC also boasts a dedicated group of recreational coaches and Lil’ Spurs assistant coaches, many of whom are current or former players for the club.  

Finally, the new Spurs FC will continue to operate as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, governed by a recently elected parent Board of Directors. As a membership-driven club, input from our community of players, families and coaches guides our decision-making and plays a vital role in the club’s culture. Our racially and socio0economically diverse teams, coaching staff and leadership speak to our commitment to inclusivity and community.

We are Spurs. Join us!

Coach Gina Woodward’s 2010 girls’ team. Photo: Spurs FC

We are excited to step into a new season with a new logo, new uniforms (via our incredible friends at Soccer Pro in Berkeley), and a new energy.

Our Competitive Program Spring Tryouts are just around the corner, and our coaches and players are gearing up to welcome new players into our community. Tryouts are intended to be an introduction to the club and your player will practice with our existing club players in a supportive and friendly environment. We will introduce you to the Spurs FC distinctive style of play and give you a feel for our commitment to both high-level skill development and fun.

All are welcome at Spurs FC and we will do our best to ensure that every player interested in joining our soccer family has an opportunity to do so.

Spurs FC will host tryouts for players born 2006-2012 during the week of May 6-May 10, and players born 2001-2005 during the week of May 20-May 24. You can also sign-up to let us know you are coming, and we will send you all the details you will need. Visit spurssoccer.com for more information.

Our brand new website also contains information about other Spurs FC programs, so please stop by to learn more.

Finally, please check out our video made by a Spurs FC parent, Nate Dalton:

YouTube video

This story was written and paid for by the Spurs FC soccer club.