Alicia Davis — June 15, 1951-March 31, 2019

Our former Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union colleague and dear friend, Alicia Davis, died on March 31.

Alicia was born in Brooklyn on June 15, 1951.

Many will miss her — including those who live in the apartment building in Berkeley where Alicia lived for many years, and which she managed. Her postman, and a librarian at the Claremont Branch Public Library will also miss her.

Alicia worked at the Co-op Credit Union for 37 years, retiring in the Fall of 2013. So the many, many, many Co-op Credit Union members whom she helped, while working as a loan officer, will also miss her. And her friends will always remember her — for her sweetness, for her appreciation of great movies and for her company.

Marie Lopez, a former Credit Union staff member for many years, remembers Alicia with these words:

“I’ve been graced by Alicia’s friendship for more than 30 years. Up until five years ago she would faithfully visit me at my home. What memorable visits they were and how we would laugh! She often told me, ‘Marie, nobody makes you laugh like I do!’…How true!

“My family and I were always honored to have her join us at many close gatherings and holidays throughout the years. Thank you, Alicia, for your lovely presence. To quote the author, Anna Taylor, ‘Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was without them.’

“How I will miss that beautiful face and that New York accent!”

Alicia is now at rest in the family burial plot in New Jersey. She lies next to her parents. Alicia leaves behind her sister Sharyn, her brother Carl, her sister-in-law Fran, Carl and Fran’s three children and five grandchildren.

Marie Lopez and Christina Tworek are former Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union employees and colleagues and friends of Alicia Davis.