Peggy Reskin. Photo: Reskin Family

Margaret (Peggy) Reskin, longtime Berkeley resident and author of “Barefoot Frontrunners: Sex, Women, and Power,” died on Oct.24th at Emory University Hospital, in Atlanta, Georgia.  In her final moments, Peggy was surrounded by a large group of family, friends, and her favorite spiritual leader.  She was 78.  Peggy was a great friend to many people and left heartbroken friends and admirers all around the country.

Peggy married three times, to Tom Walker, Haluc Aytac, and George Reskin. She had five children, Elizabeth Walker, who pre-deceased her, Tom Walker, Susan Walker, Jon Aytac, and Maggie Aytac.  She had two grandsons, Trevor and Trenton Walker.

Peggy led a life of enthusiasm and integrity of purpose.  Her first job was as an airline stewardess for American Airlines, in 1959. Peggy earned her BA at UC Berkeley, writing her thesis on the disabled community. She earned an MA from Pacific School of Religion, and became an early staff member at EST (Ehrhardt Seminar Training), producing courses in personal transformation. Peggy joined Lafayette Morehouse, where she studied and taught classes on sensuality, communications, lifestyles, and man/woman relationships.  After writing “Barefoot Frontrunners,” she coached women who were interested in being more authentic and passionate in their lives.

Peggy made the lives of everyone she touched happier and more interesting.

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