Like many of us, Chris Polydoroff finds solace during these long weeks of sheltering in place by taking regular walks. Polydoroff, a videographer and photographer, finds he’s noticing more these days as he explores his North Berkeley neighborhood, and he shared this set of beautiful photographs with Berkeleyside.Chris Polydoroff: I love to travel. A spring ski trip to Tahoe, a ten-day visit to the national parks in Utah, camping and waterfall hikes in Yosemite; and the grand finale — a two-week trip to Portugal with my wife. All canceled due to the pandemic.

My world has gotten a lot smaller, as all of ours have. Now when I go out it’s on foot and mostly in my Berkeley Hills neighborhood. My new iPhone in my pocket, I’ve explored almost every street and path within two miles of my home. It’s a new form of micro-traveling and I’m visually recording each walk. There is so much to see, so many blossoming plants and trees, so many interesting architectural styles.

I’ve heard many remark at our good fortune to be sheltered in place in such a beautiful city. On my twice daily walks (one day last week I exceeded 15,000 steps!) I’ve seen more people out than ever before and everyone making their best effort at social distancing. If you see a 60-ish gray-haired guy admiring your landscaping or taking pictures of your home or walkway, it might just be me.

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Chris Polydoroff

Chris Polydoroff is a photographer and video producer who recently moved to California by way of Washington D.C., Minnesota and North Carolina. He worked as a staff photographer for 27 years at the Saint...