Claire Copeland, a junior at Berkeley High, was recently given an assignment by her photography teacher to produce a series of her choice. Copeland decided to create portraits of her North Berkeley neighbors on Jaynes Street and Comstock Court and to ask them to pose with an item that had special meaning to them during these challenging times. At Berkeleyside’s request, Copeland circled back to the subjects after the shoot to ask them to comment on how they were coping generally. The result is a lovely documentation of a slice of Berkeley life during a global pandemic. — Tracey Taylor

Louise and Ted Burton

Louise Burton and Ted Burton. Photo: Claire Copeland

“During this time we have loved walking our dogs, watching all the people out walking, biking, and pushing their babies in strollers…and kids playing on the sidewalks and streets under clear skies with so little traffic. We are using this quiet period to catch up on all the little tasks we have put off for so long.”

The Davé Mills family

Apurva Davé, Kiran Davé, Tenaya Davé and Heather Mills. Photo: Claire Copeland
Apurva Davé, Kiran Davé, Tenaya Davé and Heather Mills. Photo: Claire Copeland

“We’re thankful to be in Berkeley during the lockdown. We spend as much time as we can walking in the neighborhood and playing in our yard. Every once in a while we have the kids do some schoolwork!”

Fumi Hayashi and Susan Smith

Fumi Hayashi and Susan Smith (whose son is not shown). Photo: Claire Copelan

“Three generations in place sheltering in place and thankful for the sunshine.”

Elizabeth Forrest

Elizabeth Forrest. Photo: Claire Copeland

“Today, thanks to my tech-savvy daughter, I group FaceTimed with my three offspring who are in Hawaii, Seattle and Orange County and their 12 offspring. I’m doing daily art in various ways that I’ve taught in the past, as well as enjoying doing an adult coloring book that I found with giveaway books on someone’s front steps.”

Ellie Schindelman, Kitsy Schoen and Lucy (the dog)

“We are grateful to be well, to be living in Berkeley and to be able to cook, ride our bicycles, go for walks, garden, have Zoom dates with friends (especially playing games like codenames), and to be able to work on the phone and Zoom. We miss our son, daughter-in-law and 16-month-old grandson who are sheltering in Oregon. And we are so glad we have our dog, Lucy. This is teaching us more about living in the present moment since we can’t plan anything or anticipate what will happen in the future!”

Donna Lesh and Stephen Vonder Haar

Donna Lesh and Stephen Vonder Haar. Photo: Claire Copeland

“We both find nature very comforting so spending time in our backyard or going for walks has really helped. And enjoying each other’s company has been a big plus!”

Mari Loria and Alden Mudge

Mari Loria and Alden Mudge. Photo: Claire Copeland

“What helps us cope during this time (not in order of importance): Time together; cooking healthy meals and eating main meal in the afternoon; ice cream!, reading lots of books/book groups on Zoom; minimizing news intake, daily FaceTime with our baby grandson; daily video and phone contact with family and friends; cycling, walking, running; being outside; enjoying seeing so many others out walking and talking; getting swept up in TV series in the evenings; meaningful work; laughing.”

The Passmore family

Benjamin Passmore, 13, Matthew Passmore, 49 and Nico Passmore, 9. Photo: Claire Copeland

“We are coping by spending time outside on our bicycles and by playing video games. The boys can actually spend time socializing with their friends by playing online video games together. It’s like recess online!”

Kirby, Roger and Chin (the dog)

Kirby, Roger and Chin (the dog). Photo: Claire Copelan

“We are showering every day and have never been more excited about trips to Target! Seriously though, we feel lucky to be in such a safe area during the pandemic and feel lucky every day we have jobs. We are trying to navigate being pregnant during this time, which is a little less celebratory and a little more worrisome, but we know we will be okay. We see the pandemic as giving us more time to enjoy friends, family and neighbors and a time to nest!”

Karen Schwartz and Nori (the dog)

Karen Schwartz and Nori. Photo: Claire Copeland

“To get through the shelter in place, I’ve been taking long walks in the morning, spending time with Nori and going deep into my creative side — knitting, weaving, and sewing. And, a huge number of New York Times crossword puzzles.”

Tasia Fierro, Teresa Colwell, and Todd Wright

Tasia Fierro, Teresa Colwell and Todd Wright. Photo: Claire Copeland

“We are coping by working over the internet and telephone, rereading favorite books, taking long walks in the neighborhood and baking a lot more.”Editor’s note: Social distancing guidelines were followed during the photography process.

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