Berkeleyside is sharing this message from the city of Berkeley about coronavirus-related rulings. This one, about the wearing of face coverings, is one of two new orders announced last week (the other involves socializing) and appears below in full.

Berkeley’s Health Officer has expanded face covering requirements starting June 8, 2020. Everyone must carry a cloth face covering when they leave home, have it visible at all times, and put it on when others are nearby.

Face coverings are required for everyone over 12 years old when:

  • shopping at a store
  • waiting in line to enter a store
  • using or waiting for public transportation
  • in a taxi or rideshare
  • seeking healthcare
  • inside a workplace
  • walking outside and within 30 feet of others (about the length of a bus)

Covering your face with cloth reduces the chance that you will unknowingly infect someone else if you are carrying COVID-19 but have no symptoms. By putting on your face covering when you see someone approaching 30 feet away, you ensure that your nose and mouth are securely covered by the time you get close to them.

Face coverings are not required when you are alone or exclusively with members of your household.

Face coverings should cover your nose and mouth, and can be improvised from bandanas, t-shirts, or other cloth around your home.

Do not use masks with a vent or valve. These valves allow respiratory droplets out of the mask, which puts people nearby at risk. Do not use N-95s and medical grade masks, which are needed for health care workers and first responders.

Clean your hands before and after touching your face covering and wash face coverings between uses.

Face coverings are not a substitute for staying home except for allowed activities, keeping 6 feet away from when out, and washing your hands often with soap and water.

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