The current civil uprising for racial justice, prompted by the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25, has manifested itself most visibly by protests and demonstrations, held locally and across the nation. In Berkeley, residents across the city have put signs up in their windows and front yards — stressing that Black Lives Matter and urging white people to not stand idly by, but rather to join the fight against police brutality against Black Americans.

Over the past few weeks, people have also taken the time to craft memorials. They are mostly homespun — a table on a street corner, paper cutouts, images plastered across a garage door — and they include haunting photographs of people who have died at the hands of the police; candles, flowers and handwritten messages are also left as a way to remember these many lost lives.

We have collected a few images of some of the memorials that have crossed our radar. If you know of others, share details of their location and photographs to:

A Black Lives Matter memorial set up in front of a home on Howe Street in South Berkeley. July 27, 2020. Photo: Pete Rosos
A “Justice for George Floyd” memorial at the fountain in front of the law school on the UC Berkeley campus. Photo: Pete Rosos
A racial justice memorial under the BART track at the intersection of Curtis and Gilman streets. June 29, 2020. Photo: Pete Rosos
A Black Lives Matter memorial on the corner of Prince Street and College Avenue in the Elmwood, June 29, 2020. Photo: Pete Rosos
Say Their Names banner in South Berkeley. Photo: Marg Hall

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