woman doing yoga outside on grass
Take a deep inhale, breathe in the scent of nature and release. Photo: Marco Verch/Creative Commons

Whether or not the community has reopened or we’re continuing to shelter in place, one thing is for sure: we need to accept and thrive in this new COVID-19 reality. This week, you’ll find ways to self-care, be creative, and entertain yourselves and your kids as you keep your eyes on the latest coronavirus developments.

OUTDOOR YOGA Take a deep inhale, breathe in the scent of nature and release. You can combine two of the Bay Area’s favorite activities, yoga and hiking, while social distancing. Go for a hike at your favorite trail or even just venture to your backyard, set up your device, and engage in a yoga practice or meditation created by Namaste in Nature. You can do a 30-minute yoga practice inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains and flow your way through poses like sun salutations, goddess pose, and a headstand. If you’d like a more chill experience, check out this summer yoga Nidra guided relaxation sequence that’s inspired by the summer solstice. Find your zen in the chaos.

DIY MASKS Let us be clear: wear a mask! But just because you have to wear one doesn’t mean it has to be boring or uncomfortable. Since the start of the pandemic, finding the perfect mask has been the perpetual struggle. Sometimes you just can’t find one you like: the fabric is itchy, it doesn’t fit your face quite right, or the design isn’t your taste. You can solve all of those problems by making one yourself. You might not be able to work a sewing machine, but you can still make this super easy and soft mask with just a t-shirt, sharp scissors, and a ruler. If you’re more advanced, you can try making this face mask with a metal nose bridge and a pocket using a pattern and a sewing machine. Be safe and stylish in your face mask.

KIDS AT HOME The little ones have had to adjust their social lives due to this pandemic. But there’s something beautiful about teaching them how to love their homes. The Hebrew saying, Shalom Bayit, means “peaceful home.” PJ Library, an organization that sends free Jewish children’s books to families, has suggestions for kids to develop healthy home habits like building forts, producing puppet shows with characters made from socks or lunch bags, and making a family bucket list. You can also start a band by using instruments like pots and pans, take an imagination vacation, or play freeze dance, where you stop dancing in your tracks when the music stops. Make your home a warm and cozy family space.

VIVA LA RESISTANCE Since we’ve had to push pause on live, in-person performances, we’ve been listening to more podcasts and radio shows. Add a charming, engaging, and entertaining radio serial to your listening list: the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Tales of the Resistance. Every two weeks, the troupe writes, directs, and releases a new episode in a different style including detective noir, adventure, horror, and sci-fi. Each episode runs a different storyline and all the narratives will converge in the finale. This week’s episode follows Nurse Susie as she tries to deliver lifesaving antiviral medicine to her patients while navigating the hospital bureaucracy and fighting corruption from the capitalist healthcare system. In all the episodes, expect original music, political comedy, and scathing satire. New episode released on July 18.

FOODIE FODDER The dining restrictions over the last few months has either made us closer to the kitchen or frequent flyers to restaurant takeout. Despite which category you fall into, if you’re looking for the latest take on food culture, check out Daily Cal Live’s talk titled, “The New Food Frontier.” Chef, author and owner of Chez Panisse restaurant Alice Waters will be in conversation with food journalist Tara Duggan to talk about how coronavirus is changing the way we grow, cook, and consume food. Grab a drink, bring a snack, and tune into the leading voices of the East Bay food scene. Sunday, July 19, 6 pm.