Berkeley schools are back in session this week, starting today, kicking off their first fall with distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. After the “crisis learning” of the spring, when schools across the Bay Area shut down in response to shelter-in-place orders, Berkeley Unified has created new schedules and formats to engage students and their families.

The plan is constantly evolving, and we want to hear from you about its successes and challenges as you navigate the first week of school with distance learning. How’s the technology working? How are students coping with the realities of not getting back together with classmates in person? What does it feel like to start high school remotely? Your responses will go to our schools reporter, Supriya Yelimeli, and we hope to paint a picture of this new normal across our public schools, for parents, students and teachers.

Get in touch with us now — the deadline to return the form is Wednesday, Aug.19 end of day. Please share your contact info if you or your student is interested in chatting with us.

Supriya Yelimeli is a housing and homelessness reporter for Berkeleyside and joined the staff in May 2020 after contributing reporting since 2018 as a freelance writer. Yelimeli grew up in Fremont and...