Take an online workshop on The Art of Collage and Memoir(ish) Writing. Image: Courtesy

This week, live your best life and enjoy fun cultural activities the Bay Area has to offer online. Play a comedic game show, listen to Americana music, watch Shakespeare, write and make a collage, and roll some sushi. 

WHEEL OF FATE Looking for some levity? Oakland-based comedian Samantha Gilweit has just the thing for you. Join her Zoom comedy game show titled ‘Wheel of Fate.’ Combining features from ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘Jeopardy,’ the game will pose questions about pop culture and current events. You’ll compete for prizes, laughs, and attention. You have the option of participating from the Zoom gallery or just watching it all unfold. Samantha describes the game as “safe and free entertainment during society’s collapse.” Pick yourself up and join in; it’s sure to uplift. Thursday, Aug. 27. 7-8 p.m.

AMERICANA MUSIC We’re always looking for music that is good for the soul. This weekend, join in on the Whippoorwill Arts Festival, which offers performances, workshops and live Q&As with talented musicians from the Bay Area and beyond. The event is hosted by Jim Nunally and Nell Robinson of the Nell and Jim Band. Whippoorwill Arts Award winners will also perform. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott will woo you with his folk music while fiddler Brittany Haas will get you on your feet. Other musicians playing and leading workshops include Molly Tuttle, Snap Jackson, Annie Staninec, Kamara Thomas, and Keith Little. Open your ears, open your hearts. Saturday Aug. 29 and Sunday Aug. 30. Free. 

SUSHI AT HOME Spending more time at home means you can go on new culinary adventures, like making your own sushi. With this live streaming sushi making class, you don’t even have to find your own ingredients, which can often be the hardest part of trying a new recipe. You can have the ingredients, including the raw fish, delivered to you. If you want to venture into the city, you can even stop by the Bayview area of San Francisco to grab a kit from their warehouse. You’ll make sushi classics using ingredients like Ora King Salmon, Dungeness Crab meat and Yellowfin Tuna, wrapping them up in nori, cucumber, and short-grain sushi rice. Roll your way to a new menu item for your household. Saturday, Aug. 29. 3-5 pm. Starts at $25. 

DIGITAL KING LEAR While we’ve always associated summer with watching Shakespeare in the park, in these times, we’ve transitioned to viewing Shakespeare on the couch. San Francisco Shakespeare Fest is bringing a live streamed King Lear to your home this weekend. You’ll watch actors from the company bring the twisted family drama to life. To recap, the fiery King Lear bequeaths his kingdom to two of his daughters, leaving his third in the dust after she refuses to profess her love to him. But Lear’s mood changes and so does everyone’s luck. The plays end in disaster for all. Watch a contemporized story of family, betrayal, and madness with the San Francisco Shakespeare Fest—you’ll feel as entertained as you did in the park. Live on YouTube. Saturday, Aug. 29, 7 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30. 4 p.m. Free.  

MEMOIR & COLLAGE WORKSHOP If you’ve ever felt the link between writing and art, this The Art of Collage and Memoir(ish) Writing workshop may be the event for you. In this two-hour session, you’ll be guided through a meditative collage process, working to create visual themes and storylines. Then, you’ll be given a writing prompt that will help stimulate your creativity to write a personal essay by the end of the workshop. You can even join a private Facebook group to share your writing and experience afterwards with other participants. Bring your old magazines, paper, glue and writing materials and get ready to dive deep into your emotional subconscious. Sunday, Aug. 30. 9-11 a.m. $30.