Chef Tu David Phu will host a Vietnamese coffee lab Sunday at 1 p.m. Photo: Shutterstock

COFFEE LAB We love coffee, you love coffee, everyone loves coffee! Well, not everyone, but you get the enthusiasm. If you’re interested in expanding your coffee horizon, check out this Vietnamese coffee lab hosted by Chef Tu David Phu. You’ll learn about the history of coffee in Vietnam, Vietnamese coffee culture, and how this special kind of coffee has evolved into a pop culture phenomenon. Luigi Di Ruocco of Mr. Espresso in Oakland will be joining as a guest to discuss his favorite types of Vietnamese coffee like traditional Ca Phe Sua, Vietnamese Cold Brew, and Vietnamese Egg Coffee. Anyone up for a cup of joe? Sunday, Nov. 15 at 1 p.m. $20.

Poet Tony Robles will lead a Poetry for Social Justice workshop Sunday, 1-3 p.m. Photo: Courtesy

WOKE POETRY In the fight for social justice, words make all the difference. If you have something to say about your struggle for equality, come out to this Poetry for Social Justice workshop led by poet Tony Robles, author of Cool Don’t Live Here No More—A Letter to San Francisco and the nephew of the late Filipino-American poet and historian Al Robles. In this workshop, Tony Robles, also known as the People’s Poet, will help you analyze some works by poet activists and examine your core values in order to create a vision for your poems. Poetry is an integral part of the fight for social justice — learn how to make your voice heard. Sunday, Nov. 15, 1-3 p.m. $25.

FITNESS + SING Do you yearn to sing, dance, and pump some iron? Then Dr. Candace Johnson’s FitnesSing Class at the Marsh might be just for you. Johnson, a guest singer at Carnegie Hall and a Cal vocal professor, will lead you through a workout for your voice and your body. You don’t need to be a fitness buff or a professional singer — anyone can join and learn. You will work on vocal technique as well as practice corresponding body exercises that are adaptable to all levels. You’ll learn the words and moves to an inspiring song at the end of each session. Come back week after week to strengthen your cords and core. Fridays at noon. Free.

Bay Area Children’s Theatre offers weekly online offerings. Photo: Bay Area Children’s Theatre

KIDS’ THEATER If you’re a family of theatre aficionados or your child is a budding thespian, you might want to join the Imaginate Club from the Bay Area Children’s Theatre. Each week, you’ll receive weekly thinking games and theatre activities, and also have access to unlimited online class offerings. You’ll also receive Play On! story kits delivered to your door, which feature original screen-free musicals to act out at home. Starting in December, you can sign up to receive the Play On! Holiday kits with items like a marshmallow slime recipe, the Story of Mystery Mountain book, and a full story audio with accompanying soundtrack. In a time of social distancing, the Imaginate Club will help stimulate your kid’s imagination, cultivate their creativity, and celebrate their individuality. Memberships start at $15/month.

DISTANT DINNER PLAY We’ve been under the heel of the pandemic for so long that it’s become a way of life — oh, the ennui! In A Distant Dinner Party With Jess and Jaron, Jessica Coker and Jaron Vessly star in a playful take on our bleak reality. In this production by 42nd Street Moon, Jaron has taken up the pandemic hobby of making homemade bread, while Jess is comforting herself by buying more and more houseplants. To liven things up, the couple decides to host a virtual dinner party and invites fabulous guests — like Angel Adedokun, Anjali Blacker, Danny Cozart and more — to their shared digital space. Listen to catchy numbers from productions like Waitress, Gypsy, Mame, and Next to Normal, and laugh the night away. $20. Nov. 12-22.