East Bay schools guide image with school icons
Credit: Shutterstock

Berkeleyside is pleased to announce the publication of the new Schools Guide — an easy-to-use paid-for directory of local private schools, published to be helpful for parents and students contemplating a move to a new school in the next academic year.

Want to see your school in the Guide? Contact Colleen Leary.

We invited schools around the Bay Area to submit detailed, paid-for listings for the guide, which is easy to navigate, with a handy map of the schools, and includes information about the individual schools’ curricula and approach, contact information, and relevant links. There are schools for students of all age ranges, with programs of varying size and focus. Check back as we’ll continue adding schools to the guide.

Choosing a school for, and with, your child can be stressful. The US Department of Education suggests you consider it as a four-step process. Start by considering your child and the family. Think about what you want a school to do for your child. Then gather information about schools, after which you should visit those that make your shortlist and assess areas such as its approach to learning, behavior policy and facilities.

Check out the 2021 Schools Guide.