The Ashby Flea Market. Credit: Natalie Orenstein

Berkeley residents will have a chance to see new design concepts for Ashby BART plaza — part of the ongoing Adeline Corridor Plan — and discuss how the designs relate to the development of housing at BART, at a virtual meeting on Monday, Oct. 3.

Housing may eventually rise between seven to 12 stories high at Ashby BART’s parking lot, and the city is figuring out how to preserve and improve the surrounding area.

This includes the parking lot where the historic Ashby Flea Market happens, as well as the triangle bounded by Ashby Avenue, MLK Jr. Boulevard and Adeline Street.

A new public plaza is being planned at a site just below Adeline Street in the image above. Credit: City of Berkeley

Current plans are to keep the area as a public plaza with southbound protected bike lanes, emphasizing priority for buses and increased pedestrian safety. The Adeline Corridor Plan also hopes to preserve the rich history of the Ashby Flea Market and guarantee its future survival.

Concepts for the plaza will be shown at the meeting hosted by Berkeley’s public works and planning departments.

Full details on joining the virtual meeting on Oct. 3 from 6-8 p.m. are available on the city website.

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