Berkeley has had at least three confirmed gunfire calls in 2023.

As of March 13, nobody had been killed but one man had been wounded in shootings in Berkeley this year.

Click the rectangle in the upper left corner of the gunfire map to see a list of incidents; click any marker for basic info on each one.

As of this time in 2022, there had been eight incidents of confirmed gunfire in Berkeley, two had left people wounded and one was fatal.

In the 2023 Berkeley gunfire map, fatal shootings are marked in red and shootings where someone was wounded but survived are marked orange. The rest are marked yellow.

BPD has told Berkeleyside that police consider a gunfire call to have been confirmed if officers find evidence such as bullet casings, property damage or a victim at the scene. UCPD and Oakland have ShotSpotter gunfire detection systems that can also be used to confirm these reports. Police ask anyone with information about any of these incidents to call BPD’s Homicide Detail at 510-981-5741.

Berkeley had 41 confirmed gunfire calls in 2022. Three people were killed, and 15 were wounded.

Berkeleyside will update this map when confirmed gunfire is reported. Hear gunfire in Berkeley? Please let us know. You can also share photos and video from the scene. (We will keep you anonymous.)

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