The staff of Berkeleyside at a recent team meeting in our downtown Berkeley office. Left to right: city hall reporter Nico Savidge, housing and homelessness reporter Supriya Yelimeli, editor-in-chief Pamela Turntine, visual journalist Ximena Natera (calling in via video chat), environment reporter Iris Kwok, audience engagement editor Alejandra Armstrong, managing editor Zac Farber and education reporter Ally Markovich. Not pictured: Nosh editor Eve Batey and public safety reporter Alex N. Gecan. Credit: Tracey Taylor

Berkeleyside launched a new “How we Work” section this week to give readers an inside look into how we do what we do.

You can learn more about who we are, how we make editorial decisions, how we work with freelancers and how we can amplify your story.

Did you know that visual journalist Ximena Natera once edited a monthly newspaper on Central American migration, which was distributed to migrants at 12 shelters throughout Mexico? Or that education reporter Ally Markovich did research in Ukraine while writing her college thesis exploring the factors driving political division in the country? The new “How We Work” section includes insights into the reporters who write the stories you read each day. 

The section also has detailed information about our approach to commenting, our editorial procedures, news about our parent nonprofit organization Cityside, and links to our journalism that has won awards. You can also visit our About page to contact our staff and read our corrections, photo licensing and editorial independence polices.

We launched this new section because, just as Berkeleyside demands transparency and accountability from public agencies, we expect you to ask no less of us. (Hat-tip to our sister publication The Oaklandside which launched in 2020 with a “How we Work” section.)

Our policies and processes are continually evolving, and we’re eager to hear suggestions for how to make them fairer or more deserving of your trust. You can get in touch anytime by emailing us at

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