Berkeley is renowned for its free spirit and bohemian culture. People are casual, creative, intense in an offbeat way. It’s a city full of big personalities.

This is all reflected in the varied fashion choices of the city’s streets.

From vintage garments and personalized embroideries to funky knits and designer accessories, Berkeleyans are masters of mixing the old with the new. Reuse and upcycling are in vogue. Thrifting is a sport, and the city makes good hunting grounds.

People follow hyperlocal brands, and many are fond of repping clothes representing artists, bands and other creatives. The fashions of Berkeley are playful with gender norms and styles.

With the weather warming this month, we traversed the city — from hip indie shops along Telegraph to boho-chic College Avenue — to capture and celebrate the vibrant array of fashions adopted by those walking the city’s streets.

All photos by Ximena Natera, Berkeleyside/CatchLight

Roshi Watkins, 24, Amoeba Music employee

Detail of a Thai curry pizza

Telegraph Avenue: Watkins sported an electric green frog hat behind the checkout counter on April 20. She paired her hat with a graphic long-sleeve T-shirt featuring a trippy grinning tree character and tie-dye sneakers. She topped off the look with colorful mismatched wrist sleeves, demonstrating the power of accessorizing in elevating a basic outfit.

“I’m bald so sometimes my head gets cold so I just wanted to wear something goofy today since it is 4/20 so I was like, ‘I want to give the stoners something fun to look at.’”

Michael George, 73, retired financial adviser

Fourth Street: George, who played in Carlos Santana’s band, was dressed in a leather blazer at the West Berkeley Peet’s Coffee location on April 12. He wore a navy pocket square, sunglasses, a fedora and a turquoise ring, showcasing his attention to detail. His casual-yet-stylish outfit represents those who still enjoy dressing up despite not having a need to do so.

“I always do the pocket square.”

Yeon Jae Lee, 20, UC Berkeley student

Sather Road: Lee, a 20-year-old English student at Cal, was walking to class on April 4 wearing a modernized hanbok dress featuring abstract scenery prints. An international student from South Korea, Lee embraces her culture by incorporating traditional garments with modern touches, such as white Mary Janes and sporty ankle socks.

“I am just really proud of my culture and my identity.”

Lo Heem, 30, entrepreneur

Telegraph Avenue and Haste Street: Heem caught attention while playing chess with his vibrant and forest green and mustard yellow varsity jacket on April 4. The jacket, which he said he bought from a Black-owned Oakland brand, displays a large “E” patch, spelling out “Entreprenegro” with gold embroidery letters. He layered his jacket with a “never surrender” graphic T-shirt, gold chain necklace, denim jeans and Nike dunks, reflecting his youthful energy.

“I feelin’ like money today so today was money.”

Kira Agrell, 19, freelance jazz musician and barista

Allston Way and Martin Luther King Jr. Way: When it comes to curating her style, Agrell does not focus on a specific subculture of fashion. Instead, she focuses on achieving a cohesive visual aesthetic through interesting shapes, silhouettes and color. Across from Berkeley High on April 12, Agrell sported a blue theme with a patterned long-sleeve shirt and jeans she patched up herself.

“I think it is all about the DIY aesthetic and repairing shit that you have and modifying the makeup you have.”

Laura Leventer, 53, owner of Personal Pizazz

College Avenue: Leventer always includes a piece from her clothing store when choosing her outfit. She opted for black and white on April 20, picking out a dress jacket and matching leather trousers and boots. Leventer’s retro-yet-classic look is both fun and professional — matching her aspirations for her store.

“I gravitate [to] things that won’t go out of style in a few minutes so I like more classic shapes.”

Shaun Innes, 19, UC Berkeley student

Shattuck Avenue and Addison Street: Innes, dressed as if he just came from the runway, looked modern and edgy on April 12. His crop top and denim shorts gave off a casual vibe, but his leather accessories — including a leather trucker jacket, leather belt and leather heeled booties — elevated the whole look. Square-framed sunglasses and a silver chain necklace completed his outfit.

“I have these jeans I cut this morning. I didn’t have any jean shorts and I had a bunch of jeans.”

Marissa D’Andrea, 43, Slash Denim employee

College Avenue: D’Andrea was sporting denim overalls on April 20, perhaps not surprisingly given her job. Planning on heading to a Combo Chimbita concert after work, she layered the artist’s graphic hoodie underneath for warmth and comfort. Mismatched Happy Socks rounded out the outfit.

“Comfort is key for me — always. Because I walk everywhere, I need to be able to be mobile.”

Will Howard, 22, California Jazz Conservatory student

Allston Way and Martin Luther King Jr. Way: Howard was on his way to the skateboard park from saxophone practice sessions on April 12. He wore a multi-colored jacket, graphic T of a cat in a tuxedo hat, and a neon green long sleeve. His outfit does not compromise comfort or purpose and he wore it casually.

“I have been wearing this for a couple of days to be honest.”

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