Paul Dennig Jr. Courtesy: Family of Paul Dennig Jr.

Paul August Dennig Jr departed unexpectedly from this world on May 22, 2023 when he died in a car crash on Highway 101 in Sunnyvale. He was a remarkable young man whose bright presence touched the lives of all who had met him. Born on Oct. 15, 1998, Paul Jr brought immeasurable joy and love into the lives of his family. His absence has left an emptiness that can never be filled.

Paul Jr embarked on an academic journey at UC Berkeley, where he pursued his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering, embracing the intellectual challenges and forging meaningful friendships along the way. His time at UC Berkeley enriched him with invaluable knowledge and skills, shaping him into the exceptional individual he became.

Paul Dennig Jr. Courtesy: Family of Paul Dennig Jr.

Paul’s accomplishments included earning a fourth-degree black belt in martial arts, receiving numerous awards and honors in Silicon Valley and California science fairs, and initiating and leading a Science and Engineering Team in high school that inspired fellow students to pursue those fields in college. Prior to his passing, Paul selflessly supported his mother’s nonprofit organization, Cantonese Alliance, providing technical expertise and sharing his insights on the importance of heritage languages in shaping cultural identity. Additionally, he was studying advanced computer science skills and looked forward to utilizing his knowledge to create an adaptable AI-based language learning tool for the nonprofit.

In his leisure time, Paul found solace in pursuing his interests and spending time with his friends. Whether he was exploring the world through his computer, playing the guitar or basketball, cooking, or lending a helping hand to his loved ones, Paul found joy in life’s simple pleasures. His infectious enthusiasm inspired people from diverse backgrounds to appreciate and embrace the wonders of the world.

Paul Dennig Jr. Courtesy: Family of Paul Dennig Jr.

As we bid farewell to Paul Jr, we find solace in the cherished memories we shared and the love he radiated. His spirit will forever resonate within our hearts, serving as a beacon of inspiration to treasure every moment and hold dear those we love. May he find eternal peace in the realm beyond.

Paul Jr is survived by his grieving parents, Paul and Sik Lee Dennig, his beloved partner, Ms. Maya Cornejo, a fellow Berkeley alum, his extended family, and a multitude of friends whose lives he deeply touched. Though his physical presence has departed, his impact on our lives will never wane, his memory forever etched in our collective consciousness.

In lieu of flowers, Paul’s friends and family kindly request that donations be made to a GoFundMe account established to cover the end-of-life expenses. At the request of his family, this obituary has been shortened from the original version published on Berkeleyside.