Six traffic circles behind a chainlink fence. A shadow of a basketball hoop is visible
Traffic circles propped up in the City of Berkeley’s Corporation Yard, as seen from the Strawberry Creek Park basketball court. Credit: Zac Farber

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  • UC regents reject new home for first Black president after racist attack on current residence (LA Times)
  • Task Force Recommends Name Change From ‘Cal’ to ‘Cal Berkeley’ (Sports Illustrated)
  • Man, 50s, stabbed overnight at downtown Berkeley bank (Berkeley Scanner)
  • Berkeley PD: DUI cyclist hits car, breaks leg at Marin Circle (Berkeley Scanner)
  • UC Berkeley historian of science ponders AI’s past, present and future (Berkeley News)
  • Housing high-rise might replace Bancroft Clothing Company (East Bay Times)
  • Berkeley’s Climax Foods says stretchy, melty vegan cheese is here (SF Chronicle)

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