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Opinion: Berkeley residents should have the chance to vote on strengthened civilian oversight of police

The proposal is a compromise between those who advocated for an even stronger body similar to the one in Oakland and those who felt there was little need for change to the PRC.

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Op-ed: Berkeley should stop raids on the homeless and establish legal campground until housing is available

As the holidays approach and the attention of many is focused elsewhere, the months-long saga of the “Poor Tour” continues. I am talking about the homeless encampment that is so easily recognizable by the colorful signs and clustered tents in the meridian strip on Adeline Street near the Berkeley Bowl. Or in front of City […]

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Op-ed: Militarization of Berkeley police doesn’t help community safety

This is an open letter to Chris Stines, President of the Berkeley Police Association, in response to his op-ed, “It should be possible to give police the tools they need while preserving Berkeley’s values,” published on Aug. 31, 2015, by Berkeleyside. Dear Officer Stines, Please forgive the people of Berkeley for our lack of enthusiasm about Berkeley Police getting more […]