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UPDATED: 2022 gunfire map | PEOPLE'S PARK: Court halts construction after protests | WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT: Monkeypox, COVID

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Opinion: Why Berkeley’s newest street name should honor an Asian American

Asian Americans make up 20% of the city, but you would never know it if you saw the names on our streets, parks and schools. The renaming of a tiny downtown street presents the opportunity to start to change that.

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Op-ed: Post-election hate in Berkeley: 14 troubling stories, and 5 ways to respond

The election of Donald Trump precipitated a wave of xenophobia across the United States — and “liberal” Berkeley, California has not been immune. On Nov. 10 around 9 p.m., a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was verbally abused and physically threatened on the UC Berkeley campus by three white men who taunted her over Trump’s victory […]