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Op-ed: Why undergrounding utilities is not the answer to earthquake and firestorm safety

With the anniversaries of the Loma Prieta earthquake and the Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm occurring in the middle of a “hot” election, there’s been much discussion about safety in the hills. Councilwoman Susan Wengraf has made this a key issue in her bid for re-election to the Council for District 6, by promising to “underground all utilities in […]

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Op-ed: Berkeley needs to spend money to upgrade earthquake shelters

On the evening of Jan. 19, Timothy Burroughs, Berkeley’s chief resilience officer, delivered a presentation to city council on the seismic upgrade needs of the City’s seven “city care and shelter sites”. City care and shelter sites are sites that provide “regular day-to-day services but also serve as a care and shelter service in times […]

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Op-ed: Berkeley’s ancient ruins — A photo essay

On July 1, 2014, the recently retired Director of Public Works, Andrew Clough, gave a somber presentation to City Council on the condition of facilities in Berkeley. The information report accompanying his presentation stated the following: “During the past 25 years, the City has deferred maintenance on many City buildings, decreasing the value of the assets […]

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Op-ed: City manager’s departure is big blow to Berkeley

The North East Berkeley Association (NEBA) recently convened a board meeting for the express purpose of discussing the sudden resignation of the City Manager Christine Daniel. We believe the loss to the city of Ms. Daniel reflects a very serious and growing problem within our city government. Although we did not always agree with Ms. […]

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Op-ed: The decay of Berkeley’s infrastructure

On May 12, the city of Berkeley’s budget manager, Teresa Berkeley-Simmons, will present to city council the proposed spending over the next five years for capital improvements. This includes money to be spent on sidewalks, streets, parks, storm drains, sewers, and transportation such as bike improvement projects. Between 2016 and 2020, Berkeley plans to decrease […]