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The Berkeley Wire: 10.26.09

“Dark Secrets” at Berkeley Rep tonight. About most of the universe — and free [LBL] Street fashion in Berkeley. Not an oxymoron [Work it, Berk] You always wanted to know about a robot competition in Ulaanbaatar. Didn’t you? [Graduate School of Journalism] Or you could go to the Parks & Recreation meeting. Amy Poehler will […]

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Chu returns to Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Lab – Roy Kaltschmidt, photographer Steve Chu, energy secretary in the Obama administration, returned to Berkeley today to speak to his former colleagues at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBL). If you’re reading Berkeleyside before the 10:30 finish to Chu’s presentation, you can watch a live webcast. Chu won the Nobel prize […]

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Berkeley’s Halloween

I live in Halloween Central, just off Russell Street. For those who live here, there’s a choice between campaign-scale planning or turning out the lights and hiding for an evening. Last year we gave out 2,000 pieces of candy — and that’s by strictly rationing trick-or-treaters to one piece each. My neighbor started building his […]

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The Berkeley wire: 10.22.09

Skateboarding, graffiti art and hip-hop. Of course. [Skate Daily] Mario Savio: “All that was daring, militant and new about the Free Speech Movement“. [OUP Blog] Build your own Galileoscope tomorrow night. [Berkeley Astronomy] Succumb to the anti-scientific zeitgeist with Deepak Chopra. [Berkeley Arts & Letters] Photo: North Berkeley BART station by Crimsonically Yours on Flickr

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Hoisted from the comments: The relentless rise of fro-yo and ice cream on Shattuck

Commenter Deirdre notes there is one area where downtown is thriving: One business that seems to have launched itself spectacularly is the frozen dessert phenomenon on Shattuck. First Gaia, then Milano Gelato (now called something else, I believe). Then Tully’s introduced its ice cream cones. Then the $1 John’s Ice Cream place got going (always […]

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New kids on the block

Berkeleyside welcomes some new entrants in local coverage. The New York Times, which launched its Bay Area pages in the newspaper last week, unveiled its new Bay Area blog this afternoon. Thanks, by the way, for including Berkeleyside on the blogroll. And neighboring Oakland, long a hotbed of hyperlocal sites, saw the launch of Oakland […]