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Yudof on furloughs

University of California president Mark Yudof met on Wednesday with the faculty of UCLA to explain his furlough policy, among other things. As part of the university system’s budget cuts, faculty and staff are required to take between 10 and 26 days off without pay over the next year. The original plan was to allow […]

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C’est si bon!

As if local recognition were not enough, the Elmwood’s Mrs Dalloway’s has also won a national contest for the best Julia Child window display. The prize is round trip tickets to New York, a two-night stay in a hotel, and dinner with Julie & Julia director Nora Ephron. According to co-owner Ann Leyhe a date […]

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Schwartz’s optimism

Sylvia Paull, Berkeley’s networker extraordinaire, reports: Berkeley-based futurist, author, and film consultant (Minority Report, Sneakers) Peter Schwartz spoke informally at INFUSION, a monthly tech lunch at the Berkeley Rep in downtown Berkeley today. He said he feels optimistic about the future given the powerful tools we have to shape it and the awareness most corporate […]

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DeLong view of the future

Ask Berkeley economist and blogger Brad DeLong about the future of higher education as digital technology develops and you’ll get a disquisition about Erasmus of Rotterdam and the puzzle about how the idea of the university survived Gutenberg and 1435. DeLong enjoys pointing out that UC Berkeley is the only university to have named four […]

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What did Dylan play?

I didn’t get a chance to hear Bob Dylan play at the Greek Theater on Saturday night, but you can have some vicarious pleasure by parsing through the live set list. Did any InBerkeley readers hear the concert and wish to comment? Update One attendee posted a recording of Gonna Change My Way of Thinking:

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Berkeley economist wins Nobel

Photo: UC Berkeley UC Berkeley’s Oliver Williamson has shared this year’s Nobel prize for economics* with Elinor Ostrom of Indiana University. Williamson was awarded the prize “for his analysis of economic governance, especially the boundaries of the firm”. Williamson is the fifth Berkeley economist to win the prize, and the university’s 21st Nobelist. The eight Nobelists currently […]