Articles by Moriah VanVleet

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Sesame halvah cookies

Surrounded with buttery dough and topped with rich chocolate, the decadence of halvah is truly celebrated in these one of a kind cookies

Cranberry clove cookies

With their shortbread-like dough, warm cloves and tangy citrus zest, these cranberry clove cookies will fill your kitchen with a festive, mouthwatering scent.

Brown sugar soy sauce cake

A crisp caramelized bottom and butterscotchy orange-slice topping is perfectly complemented by a splash of robust soy sauce for this yummy cake.

Sazerac cookies

Moriah VanVleet immediately thought of new dessert recipes when she first tasted absinthe. She was even more inspired when she learned about its most historical cocktail, the sazerac.

Sweet sesame matzah bars

Fragrant with nutty flavor, sweet, crisp sesame matzah bars offer the moist richness of almond paste and the tart tang of fresh orange peel.

Lemony fennel cupcakes

Lemony fennel cupcakes offer a burst of citrus and a touch of fragrant herb: aromatic, light and airy, their essence is as refreshing as it is satisfying.

Tomato spice cake

Juicy, tangy and sweet, seasonal tomatoes make it obvious that they’re fruits and not vegetables. Why not create a sweet treat from them?