East Bay Montessori School is a child-centered innovative learning environment that is grounded in the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. We are a diverse and inclusive community that nurtures and develops our students to be peaceful, empathetic, life-long learners, who are prepared to be highly adaptive and dynamic contributors to the world. East Bay Montessori School in El Cerrito provides a thoughtfully designed curriculum for grades Kindergarten Bridge through 8th that readies children to navigate their social environment and build independence all while receiving a high-quality education.

The learning environment consists of carefully prepared materials ranging from language, mathematics, geography, botany, art, music, and science. In this authentic Montessori setting, our students seek out their own interests while obtaining assistance and guidance from highly trained, certified, and experienced Montessori teachers.

East Bay Montessori

Grades: TK-8
Category: Academic, Independent, Montessori

7075 Cutting Blvd, El Cerrito, California

Admission Contact: Rachel Kleinman