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Court takes Berkeley’s side in Mitch Kapor home case

Update, Sept. 24, 2015: After the Supreme Court’s May ruling, detailed below, the state’s Court of Appeal (First Appellate District) reviewed the issue of CEQA exemption once more, having been remanded to do so by the Supreme Court. On Sept. 23, the Court of Appeal issued its conclusion “that sufficient evidence supports the City’s conclusion the project is […]

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State Supreme Court upholds Berkeley’s decision in Mitch Kapor’s bid to build a home in the city

Update, 3.19.15: The Berkeley Hillside Preservation Group is asking the Supreme Court for a rehearing of its case. It filed its petition on March 18. The Supreme Court recently appointed two new justices, following two retirements, and the group is hoping a reconsideration of their arguments might bring a different result. The vote was 5-2 for the defendant at […]

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State court hears Mitch Kapor Berkeley home case

The long-running saga of philanthropist and Lotus founder Mitch Kapor’s attempt to build a new home in North Berkeley landed at the California Supreme Court in Los Angeles on Tuesday this week. At the Dec. 2 hearing, the Court heard arguments on whether the rules that exempt most proposed single-family homes from undergoing an environmental impact […]

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Court date moved in next stage of Mitch Kapor home saga

Update, 01.31.12: Both parties in the 2707 Rose Street case, which went to appeal and was heard in the First Appellate District, Division 4, California Court of Appeal in San Francisco on January 24th, are now waiting to hear the outcome. In the meantime Berkeley Hills Preservation group alerts us to its website which contains full details […]

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Mitch Kapor takes first step to building Berkeley home

Fifteen months after Mitch Kapor received permission from the city of Berkeley to build a home at 2707 Rose Street, the Lotus founder and philanthropist has begun to dismantle the abandoned 2-story, 2,477 sq ft 1925 house on the property, in readiness, one assumes, for construction to begin on his new abode. Regular Berkeleyside readers know we have […]