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Posted inHousing & Development

Court takes Berkeley’s side in Mitch Kapor home case

Mitch Kapor and Freada Kapor-Klein Update, Sept. 24, 2015: After the Supreme Court’s May ruling, detailed below, the state’s Court of Appeal (First Appellate District) reviewed the issue of CEQA exemption once more, having been remanded to do so by the Supreme Court. On Sept. 23, the Court of Appeal issued its conclusion “that sufficient evidence supports the […]

Posted inHousing & Development

State Supreme Court upholds Berkeley’s decision in Mitch Kapor’s bid to build a home in the city

Model of the home Lotus founder and philanthropist Mitch Kapor and his wife, Freada Kapor Klein, have applied to build at 2707 Rose St. in North Berkeley. Image: Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects Update, 3.19.15: The Berkeley Hillside Preservation Group is asking the Supreme Court for a rehearing of its case. It filed its petition on March […]