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Berkeley Bites: Anand Chokkalingam

Each Friday in this space food writer Sarah Henry asks a well-known, up-and-coming, or under-the-radar food aficionado about their favorite tastes in town, preferred food purveyors and other local culinary gems worth sharing. Meet Anand Chokkalingam, UC Berkeley professor by day and chocolatier by night. This cancer epidemiologist pursues his passion for high-end confections in […]

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A taste of justice

Think of agents for change in American eating habits, and Berkeley’s Alice Waters and Michael Pollan come immediately to mind. Indeed, eat-more-greens advocates can appear as white as Wonder Bread. On the menu at La Pena Cultural Center last night: some much-needed color in the conversation about good food matters. Visceral Feast, a work-in-progress performance […]

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Pourquoi Chez Panisse?

Today we discover, through a story in The Atlantic, why Alice Waters named her restaurant Chez Panisse. We knew about the Marcel Pagnol connection (you only need to visit the restaurant’s website to be immersed in the mood of 1930s French film). Corby Kummer digs deeper and looks at the many associations the name Panisse has […]

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Raging against the vegetables

As predicted, Caitlin Flanagan’s Atlantic article in which she slammed the concept of edible schoolyards as espoused by Alice Waters — and Flanagan grew up in Berkeley it turns out… the traitor! — has triggered a raft of rebuttals. Probably most amusing is the one written by Andrew Leonard in Salon yesterday: What a nightmare! Public school […]

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Peko-Peko pop-up in North Berkeley on Monday (not Sunday)

Sylvan Mishima Brackett, the owner of Peko-Peko Japanese Catering and formerly Alice Waters’ right-hand man, will host a pop-up izakaya this Monday, January 18, from 5.30pm at the Guerilla Cafe in North Berkeley (hat-tip: SFoodie). SFoodie reports: With its shoebox size and wraparound counter, Guerrilla Cafe should be the perfect place to recreate that crowded, Sapporo’d-up izakaya […]

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Berkeley’s Edible Schoolyard under attack

Alice Waters and students at King Middle School's Edible Schoolyard. An article which claims edible school gardens, such as Berkeley’s famous one at King Middle School, are “cheating our most vulnerable students”, is ruffling feathers, both on this site and more widely. “Cultivating Failure”, written by Caitlin Flanagan and published in the January/February issue of […]