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Why the Berkeley mountain lion was not tranquillized

Our story yesterday, about the Gourmet Ghetto mountain lion which was shot and killed at 3.26am on Walnut Street, elicited unprecedented interest from Berkeleyside readers. Many of the commenters on the story wondered, in particular, why the police officers shot the lion, rather than tranquillize it. According to Fish and Game warden Patrick Foy, there […]

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Tracking neighborhood wildlife, one beetle at a time

Gulf Fritillary feeding on penstemon on Grand View Drive. Photo: Kay Loughman. Like many residents of the Berkeley-Oakland hills, Kay Loughman enjoys living close to nature. Sightings of deer, wild turkeys and skunks are common-place. But Loughman is fascinated by the more diminutive species too: be it an Anise Swallowtail butterfly, a Western Terrestrial Gartersnake […]