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Guilty verdicts in Berkeley-Oakland death penalty case

After nearly a month of testimony, followed by less than two full days of deliberations, an Alameda County jury brought back a series of guilty verdicts Friday afternoon in connection with two fatal shootings in 2013 that took the lives of an 8-year-old girl at an Oakland sleepover and a 22-year-old Berkeley father. Scroll down for videos of […]

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Newly found photo could bolster prosecution’s case in Berkeley-Oakland death penalty trial

A Berkeley man facing multiple murder charges may have inadvertently tipped off the prosecution to a notable piece of evidence by insisting he get access to material on his old cellphone. Police had confiscated the phone of Darnell Williams Jr. at the time of his arrest in Berkeley in 2013. He has been charged with the murders of an […]

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Judge orders Williams trial to continue after defendant threatens suicide, violence

After an unexpected series of events, an Alameda County Superior Court judge offered to lend his own clean underwear, trousers and socks to a defendant standing trial for multiple murders. Testimony was slated to resume at 9:30 Monday morning in the Darnell Williams Jr. case, but was postponed for what initially were unknown reasons. The jurors all were […]

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Years on, Alaysha Carradine killing is still haunting

As testimony began Tuesday in the Darnell Williams Jr. murder trial, veteran first responders were overcome by emotion on the stand as they recalled the 8-year-old girl fatally shot during a sleepover in 2013, and the courtroom was captivated by the sweetness of the little girl who survived the violence. Most of the adults who testified Tuesday at times teared […]

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Defense says lack of evidence will cast doubt in double murder trial

Unreliable statements and a lack of evidence will show the jury Darnell Williams Jr. did not commit the two killings, in Berkeley and Oakland, for which he is standing trial this week, his defense attorney said Tuesday morning. In her brief opening statements, before Alameda County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Horner, defense attorney Deborah Levy urged the jury not […]

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Prosecutor: Berkeley killing sparked ‘rampage of violence’ that left little girl dead

The shooter rang the doorbell, then straightened out his arms as he held the pistol in front of him with both hands. He waited for the doorknob to move and heard a little girl ask, “Who is it?” As the knob began to turn, he opened fire, pointing slightly downward. Thirteen bullets pierced the metal security door, scattering […]