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Berkeley says ‘no’ to federal immigration detainers

A battle for immigrants’ rights has been intensifying throughout 2012, as deportations linked to the federal Secure Communities program, run by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, have risen. Here, protesters outside an ICE processing facility in Colorado call for an end to enforcement efforts. Photo: Justin Valas In a surprising twist, the Berkeley City Council […]

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Council sets fee for affordable housing mitigation

A new mitigation fee gives developers flexibility on how to handle affordable housing requirements in Berkeley. Photo: Tracey Taylor Developers of new residential rental properties in Berkeley can now choose to pay into a special city fund instead of including on-site affordable housing after an 8-1 vote Tuesday by the City Council. It’s the latest […]

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Berkeley targets underserved for disaster preparedness

Council Member Darryl Moore: “Having 70% of the caches in the hill districts is just not acceptable” Berkeley’s City Council Tuesday night debated how the city’s disaster preparedness program has been disproportionately adopted in the hill districts, and left vulnerable — and generally poorer — districts in the flats far behind in terms of both training […]

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Sports Basement to take over historic Berkeley ice rink

Five years after closure, Berkeley Iceland is derelict and graffittied. Photo: Sports Basement Mayor Tom Bates fell on his butt there. Susan Wengraf and Gordon Wozniak fondly recalled children’s parties there. There was a wave of nostalgia for Berkeley Iceland at last night’s City Council meeting, from both council members and residents providing public comment. […]

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Council considers affordable housing, plastic bag ban

Jesse Arreguín: “desperate need” for affordable housing Jesse Arreguín: “desperate need” for affordable housing The Berkeley City Council last night passed Councilmember Jesse Arreguín’s proposal to move to an up or down vote on an affordable housing mitigation fee at an October meeting. The city has been debating a fee since the Palmer/Sixth Street Properties […]

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Mayor Bates defends his handling of raucous meeting

When Mayor Bates and Councilmembers Laurie Capitelli, Linda Maio, Darryl Moore, and Gordon Wozniak stepped out of the council chambers for a recess while audience members were singing, Councilmember Jesse Arreguin clapped to “We Will Not Be Moved.” Councilmembers Max Anderson and Kriss Worthington sang with the crowd. Photo: Natalie Orenstein When Mayor Bates and […]