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Doctor’s orders: Eat your greens says Preston Maring

Here’s a notion that hardly seems radical: longtime Berkeley resident Dr. Preston Maring thinks physicians should prescribe healthy eating along with dispensing drugs to their patients. Maring, Associate Physician-in-Chief at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland, believes doctors should also walk the walk about the preventive health benefits of sound nutrition. He’s so committed […]

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Beer Olympics, the organic way

I don’t usually associate farmers’ markets and beer contests, but that unlikely pairing will be featured at Civic Center Park tomorrow afternoon. The Green Beer Olympics will be held during the Saturday Berkeley Farmers’ Market. The contest consists of three events: keg toss, hop sack race, and arm wrestling (by weight class). Entry is $10 […]

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The kitchen chez Alice

Vanity Fair, which concentrates more on Southern California stars than the more home-spun denizens of Northern California, features Berkeley’s Alice Waters’ kitchen in its October issue. With a trip to the Berkeley Farmers’ Market, or to Berkeley Bowl, most Berkeleyans could duplicate what Waters has on her table.