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10 years later: How 2 Berkeley High reporters broke sex-ring scandal

Greenwell and Montauk (Examiner photo by Chris Hardy) Ten years ago, two young Berkeley High School reporters started to investigate the death of a young Indian immigrant woman. Carbon monoxide had killed Seetha Vemireddy while she slept in her Berkeley apartment, and her sister had been seriously sickened. The original incident received some cursory notice […]

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Schedule change at BHS fails

The controversial proposal to move Berkeley High School to a trimester schedule was stopped at the School Governance Council last night. The scheme failed to receive the necessary two-thirds majority at the SGC before proceeding to the Berkeley Unified School District Board. According to an email to parents from Mark van Krieken of the BHS […]

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Should BHS’s schedule be changed?

Photo/Jeremy Franklin The long-running debate over scheduling changes at Berkeley High School is nearing its denouement. Changes are being proposed as a way to tackle the so-called achievement gap, where too many students are underachieving in high school. At the core of the proposed changes is a required advisory period, so students can have, in […]