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Posted inHousing & Development

Fight involving Measures DD and U1 is costliest in election

The political action committee for the Berkeley Property Owners Association has steered more than $892,540 in donations to defeat Measure U1 and promote Measure DD, two competing measures that would raise the business tax on rental units. Perhaps none of their numerous mailings and posters, however, has prompted more comment than the one with a […]

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State watchdog agency investigates $790,540 donated to Yes on Measure DD campaign

The Fair Political Practices Commission has launched an investigation into whether the supporters of Yes on Measure DD may have violated the financial disclosure requirements of the Political Reform Act. The FPPC mailed a letter Wednesday to the Berkeley Property Owners’ Association and the “Committee for Real Affordable Housing – Yes on Measure DD, No […]

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In Berkeley mayoral race, Arreguín accelerates fundraising, Capitelli maintains monetary lead

See update below. Berkeley mayoral candidate Jesse Arreguín raised almost three times as much money in the last month as his fiercest rival, Laurie Capitelli. Arreguín raised $33,434 from Sept. 25 to Oct. 22. In that same period, Capitelli raised $11,550. That is a reverse of the previous campaign finance reporting cycle that stretched from July […]

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Public campaign finance advocates find ‘outsized role’ of money in past Berkeley elections

A new analysis of campaign finances from past Berkeley elections has found that more than half the contributions to sitting council members came from less than 1% of Berkeley households, and that one-third of the contributions came from outside the city. The analysis was undertaken by the Berkeley Fair Elections Coalition, the group behind public financing Measure X1, which […]

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As election nears, contributions and complaints mount

An independent expenditure group backed by one of Berkeley’s largest unions has poured $8,112 into Jesse Arreguín’s mayoral campaign, spending the funds on a website and literature that promote his views. The independent expenditure group is named the “Berkeley Working Families Supporting Arreguín and Worthington for Mayor, Moore and Bartlett for City Council, Tregub, Soto-Vigil, […]