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We need you to help us improve Berkeleyside comments

Help us make our comments better and get a chance to win a Sweet Adeline Bakeshop gift certificate. Photo: THOR As news organizations around the country continue to grapple with the tenor of their comments sections, we at Berkeleyside are turning to you, our readers, to help us increase the civility and relevance of the vital community voices on our site. […]

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Help us keep comments on Berkeleyside civil

Photo: THOR In the five years since we launched Berkeleyside, our stories have drawn more than 100,000 comments (109,310 at time of writing), and the vast majority have been a compelling part of the conversation we want to encourage in Berkeley about critical issues. Comments often offer thoughtful opinions and can provide valuable new information that deepens other readers’ understanding of […]

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Commenting on Berkeleyside: A new approach

Media organizations everywhere are wrestling with how to create vibrant, civil online comments sections. Today Berkeleyside launches a new approach. Photo: THOR Recently, in a New York Times Magazine article about online commenting, writer Michael Erard suggested comments might be “the most obnoxious development of the Web, the wild back alleys where people sound their […]