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Locals question Berkeley Plaza impact on theater, view

2211 Harold Way is set to stand nearly 200 feet tall and include about 300 units. Image: MVEI Architecture and Planning Residents came out en masse Thursday night to testify before Berkeley’s Zoning Adjustments Board about possible impacts related to a large mixed-use project planned downtown on Harold Way. The Residences at Berkeley Plaza, at Harold and Kittredge Street, would […]

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Op-ed: Measure R will kill emerging downtown renaissance

Berkeley has an international reputation as a free-thinking, expressive, welcoming and experimental city.  The current battle over the city’s downtown and November’s Measure R contradicts this image of ourselves, and in the worst possible way. While promoted as a “soak-the-evil-developers” proposal, in reality Measure R is a thinly disguised attempt to freeze Berkeley in the […]

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Op-ed: Save our green downtown: Vote ‘no’ on Measure R

Jacquelyn McCormick’s Sept. 9th Opinionator piece published on Berkeleyside is filled with misinformation about Measure R. Measure R is a 28-page downtown initiative on this November’s ballot that would impose strict new requirements on housing and office projects in Berkeley’s downtown. McCormick claims that Measure R would assure that new buildings in Berkeley’s downtown provide new […]

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Op-ed: True green not green-washed, we must support Measure R

I am supporting Measure R 2014 Green Downtown Initiative for the following reasons: In 2010, Berkeley voters overwhelmingly approved Measure R, but our City Council has not delivered on its promises.  Here is how the measure read:   “Shall the City of Berkeley adopt policies to revitalize the downtown and help make Berkeley one of the greenest […]

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City Council member says Berkeley’s ballot is biased

A battle is brewing over the wording that will be used to describe the downtown initiative on the November ballot. Photo: Emilie Raguso Berkeley Councilman Jesse Arreguín has asked the city attorney’s office to amend the wording that will be used to describe the downtown initiative in an election pamphlet because it is “inaccurate,” “misleading” and […]