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Police report possible mountain lion sighting in Berkeley

UC Berkeley Police have issued an alert about a possible mountain lion sighting on Berkeley Lab property. The department said it received a report from a Lab employee who said they had seen a mountain lion near Building 90 on Thursday Nov. 20. Over the weekend, workers also found a small deer carcass that may have been killed by a mountain lion, UCPD […]

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Mountain lion tracks seen in Claremont Canyon Preserve

Mountain lion tracks have been sighted in the Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve, according to Tom Stienstra, writing in the San Francisco Chronicle. In his regular outdoors column published on Sunday Jan. 19, Stienstra noted two readers had reported being shocked at seeing the distinctive tracks. “One of the tracks, reported by Bob Felton, occurred when he was […]

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Mountain lion sightings in Berkeley raise concerns

Concerns about mountain lions prowling the Berkeley hills are mounting with new reported sightings and the posting of signs alerting local residents to their possible presence. On Thursday Nov. 15, UC Berkeley police received unconfirmed information of a mountain lion sighting near Building 26 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). UCPD conducted a search of the […]

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Mountain lion sighting forces Lab staff to shelter in place

Update, 2:31pm: Authorities have determined that the mountain lion has moved on, Lab staff who had been told to shelter in place have been given the all-clear, and McMillan Road has been reopened, according to Lab spokesperson Jon Weiner. Original story: A confirmed mountain lion sighting has closed part of McMillan Road on the Berkeley […]

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In memoriam: Berkeley’s mountain lion

Some Berkeleyans, saddened by the mountain lion shot by police early Tuesday morning, have established an informal memorial to the animal at Shattuck and Cedar. As Berkeleyside has reported previously, wildlife experts say that the Berkeley police had little choice but to shoot the animal. Tranquillizers are not readily available, even for Fish and Game […]