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Federal judge upholds Berkeley cellphone warning

Berkeley will soon start to require cellphone retailers to warn customers about potential radiation dangers, following a federal judge’s rejection of an industry supported campaign to put a stay on the city’s cellphone right-to-know ordinance. U.S. District Judge Edward Chen had ruled in September that Berkeley’s ordinance was valid because it was based on Federal […]

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Court rules for Berkeley in cellphone right to know case

The City of Berkeley’s cellphone right to know ordinance, passed in May, largely survived a legal challenge in federal court by the mobile phone industry. The law requires mobile phone retailers to provide consumers with notice of FCC guidelines on cellphone use. CTIA – The Wireless Association, the plaintiff, had sought a preliminary injunction to stop […]

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Hearing on Berkeley cellphone law leans in city’s favor

In a fascinating 90 minutes of arguments in the U.S. District Court Thursday, two of the country’s most eminent lawyers tussled over whether Berkeley’s cellphone Right to Know ordinance violated phone retailers’ First Amendment rights. The CTIA – The Wireless Association is seeking a preliminary injunction to stop the Berkeley law. District judge Edward Chen meticulously […]

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Wireless carriers sue Berkeley over phone radiation law

A wireless trade association filed suit against Berkeley on Monday, claiming that the city’s new law requiring notification of possible radiation from cellphones is a violation of the First Amendment. CTIA The Wireless Association filed the federal suit in the Northern District of California court. “Berkeley’s Ordinance violates the First Amendment because it will require CTIA’s […]

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Berkeley passes cellphone ‘right to know’ law

Berkeley City Council on Tuesday unanimously passed the first reading of a “Right to Know” ordinance to require cellphone retailers in Berkeley to provide consumers with information that warns them to keep a minimum safe distance between their bodies and their phones. “The world is watching what you do tonight,” said Devra Davis, president of the Environmental Health […]

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Berkeley preps new cellphone radiation safety law

The city of Berkeley is investigating whether to require retailers to hand out radiation-related safety sheets to customers who buy cellphones in town. Last week, a Berkeley City Council majority — with seven in favor and two opposed — voted to have staff prepare language for the new cellphone law. But whether council ultimately will vote to adopt that law is […]